The main key is a long prelude.

Sexologist Lindsey Lo says that the duration should be at least 13 minutes.

Naturally, each relationship is individual, there is no single standard, so you do not need to set a timer specifically for this time. Focus on your feelings and readiness for the process.

One way is to start warming up before meeting a partner:

Send a couple of photos with intimate content, or write a spicy SMS.

After that, it is advisable to maintain a conversation for some time, so that all his thoughts are only about how to meet you faster.

For some, it is easier to hint to a partner about their fantasies in this way.


No one will love you the way you love yourself!

Explore your body, your erogenous zones, masturbate more often.

Pour a glass of wine, turn on light music, tune in to a romantic mood, watch a video category 18+

*If you urgently need to «relieve tension», use the Vacuum Wave Stimulator from our range.

The body releases many hormones during orgasm, including: dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. This, in turn, improves mood, self-esteem, and, paradoxically, increases libido.

Guide your partner during the process as you feel more comfortable / pleasant, do not be afraid to help yourself, be sure — he will only like it.

The use of sex toys during foreplay, or during the process.

A huge variety of toys for two will add an extra spark to your sex life.

You can start, for example, with the Vibroegg on the remote control. This device is placed in the female womb, you give the control panel to the second half. Thus, he is in complete control over your body and your orgasms. Can be used at home, for the especially daring on a walk or in a cafe.

Also, this sex toy is useful for strengthening the muscles of the vagina, which in turn strengthens women’s health, prevents prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Combine business with pleasure 😉

There are devices designed to be used during sexual activity, such as the Vacuum Wave Stimulator on a remote control.

It has the shape of the letter U, one end is inserted into the vagina, the other is adjacent to the clitoris. Thus, the woman receives two-zone stimulation. A man will not be bypassed either, as one end vibrates. Using the remote control, you can switch vibration modes without being distracted from the process.

Experiment, love each other, and we will help you with this! Team 7clouds.

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