How to choose wedding jewelry for the bride: general rules and nuances


Every girl looks forward to happiness in trembling anticipation of one of the most important days of her life — the wedding. Every bride wants to look the most stunning for her groom. Therefore, it is important to choose the right accessories for your wedding dress in order to emphasize the femininity and dignity of the image, with which we will help you!

General rules

  • Moderation of decorations. If massiveness and volume are the trend of 2022, then this does not apply to the wedding look. The amount of jewelry should match: earrings, necklace and hair accessory. Use two or three pieces in your jewelry ensemble, depending on your outfit. Bracelets can be considered if your outfit is sleeveless and gloves. The main thing is to keep a balance: do not oversaturate the image with accessories. You must be like a beautiful rose and a delightful queen for your king.
  • Combination. Accessories and dress should be in harmony with each other in style. For example, if your dress is without sequins and beads, then elegant jewelry will look more advantageous: necklace threads, large earrings, while for a chic dress with decor, you should choose elegant accessories, without large elements: medium-sized earrings, studs or a laconic necklace. It is important to consider the style of the dress and know the measure.
  • Jewelry quality. It is not necessary to buy precious stones, you can find elite jewelry that will also look expensive on the bride. For example, our crystal products shimmer in the sun like real diamonds.
  • A palette of dresses and jewelry. For cold shades of a wedding dress, you should choose cold jewelry, and for warm ones — warm ones. If you have chosen a white outfit, then it is better to choose jewelry according to the tone: white metal, silver, and from stones — pearls, topaz. Gold-plated jewelry will suit the beige, milky color. In adulthood, we advise you not to use silver jewelry, it is suitable for younger girls. Colored stones can be used based on the palette of the dress.

Earrings for the bride: how to choose a hairstyle

So, the general rules have been learned, and now let’s move on to the selection of earrings for a hairstyle in order to feel not only great, but also comfortable.

Collected hair or short hairstyle. Long earrings with crystals and tassel clips will help to emphasize the open neck and give coquetry to the neckline. Silver-plated track earrings will look even more luxurious. And for those who want to add mystery to the image, we advise you to stop at the model of carnations with long strings, at the end of which small delicate cubic zirconias hang down.

Young brides can go the original way: under the usual airy and carelessly gathered tail, pick up earrings with colored pebbles. At least unusual and quite bold.

More modest jewelry will fit into the image with a beam: carnations-studs with a stone (especially if your dress is puffy or a veil is included).

Loose hair. Choose neat little studs, even if your hair is styled to one side.

A hairstyle with strands released requires the same as the previous version. Long earrings will not fit, otherwise you will have to be nervous at the celebration: earrings can cause discomfort, getting tangled in the hair.

How to choose jewelry for the neckline

Now we’ll tell you.

Dress with bare shoulders. In this case, the field for choosing necklaces, the necklace is huge, the only exception is the decor on the outfit, then you need to shift the focus from the jewelry and stop at a graceful and more modest version.

Thin straps. A thin chain with a pendant or a pearl necklace in several rows is suitable here, which will add sophistication and attractiveness to the bride.

But pearls in one row will look great with a round neckline of the dress.

Lightweight, small necklaces should be worn with a heart-shaped neckline.

And in the case of a completely closed neckline under the throat or with a collar, it is better not to use jewelry.

With a V-neck dress, a chain with a pendant in the form of a drop, rhombus or other figure will look amazing.

And if you want to bring something fresh to your wedding style, you can give preference to a brooch.

About wedding brooches

If you decide not to focus on the necklace, then it’s time to give your wedding dress the finishing touch and make it unique with an elegant brooch. In the cold season, it can be stabbed on a bolero or fur coat. It is advisable to choose an accessory in the form of flowers due to the fact that this sign conveys the femininity and beauty of the bride.

Now our collection has been replenished with a variety of stunning brooches that convey mystery, drive you crazy with beauty and catch with their tenderness. Bridesmaids can also look at this accessory or choose a bracelet.

Our lovely and charming brides, we wish you only pleasant impressions from the process of finding jewelry for the neck and ears. Buying a necklace and earrings is not difficult, but their choice must be treated with patience. But we are sure that you will easily cope with this task and on that very unforgettable day you will be dazzlingly beautiful!


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