How to choose clothes for home


Dear ladies, we often care about how we look in public places, but we forget that being beautiful and neat at home is just as important. After all, this is where the grooming of every woman begins.

In this article, we will share with you tips for choosing home clothes.

One of the main selection criteria is the material that was used for tailoring.

So what should be the fabric?

1. Cotton, natural silk, linen — remember, the more natural the composition, the better. Choose clothes for the home, which will contain a large proportion of natural fibers.

2. The proportion of synthetic / natural fibers in the composition is acceptable — if we are talking about clothes for the home. But for sleepwear, the composition must be 100% natural.

3. Why do we need synthetics in the composition of the fabric for home clothes — so that the clothes keep their shape, wrinkle less and last longer. 100% cotton or linen wrinkle and stretch very much during wear, but at home you also want to look neat.

4. The content of harmful fungi — synthetic clothing provokes their reproduction and can cause exacerbation of eczema, dermatitis and sweating. Such clothes are strictly contraindicated for children.

5. Synthetic clothing is electrified — as a result of which it can cause various circulatory and nervous system disorders.

6. It will quickly become unusable — if it contains a small% of natural components and more artificial or synthetic ones. Despite the low cost of such clothes, they will have to be changed often, unlike those that will be made from quality materials.

7. Armani silk isn’t really silk, it’s just a marketing gimmick. Armani silk is a fully synthetic fabric. It has nothing to do with natural silk, except for the cunning name. Sometimes in the composition such a fabric is called artificial silk, do not be fooled by the tricks of marketers, this is also pure synthetics.

Of course, most often we pay attention to the appearance of clothes and do not always think about what it is made of. But the service life of clothes, its appearance in the process of wearing, and even your mood will depend on this!

Russian clothing brand MAFF. decided to give a second life to products made of terry cloth and produce comfortable suits for the home. This fabric is very underestimated by manufacturers, it is very durable, withstands a large number of washes and does not lose color, does not stretch when worn, and at the same time has good extensibility, due to the loops on the outside, it perfectly passes air and allows the skin to breathe, while the wrong side is smooth. Terry cloth will give you a pleasant micro-feelings and a sense of comfort.

We hope that our tips for choosing home clothes were useful to you. Be beautiful at home and make your loved ones happy!


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