How and where to wear a men’s shirt: 5 ways


Method one: with shorts

It would seem that what is common between a classic men’s shirt and shorts? And the fact that they are perfectly combined with each other. Let’s take a one-color model of clothing, for example, from the Westranger collection, a blue men’s shirt. Add stylish cargo shorts and your favorite sneakers. Get a trendy summer look for men.

Chinos or cargo-colored shorts are the perfect solution to combine with a shirt.

A white shirt for men is not only stylish, but also bright, bold and catchy.

Method two: jeans

Denim is a familiar and extremely popular material for clothing. Jeans made of such fabric have long ceased to be a purely working thing and are well established in all collections of world brands.

Pairing a white shirt with jeans is the perfect way to go for a stylish but casual look.

In this case, it is best to choose classic jeans: without cuts, holes, not narrow and not too wide. They are ideal for any type of figure and are practically always appropriate.

Method three: to the office

The office is almost always a dress code, business meetings and much more, obliging to look a certain way. And to be stylish, it is not necessary to spend hours wandering around shopping centers in search of the right things. Chinos are at the heart of every Westranger collection. They make a great addition to any shirt.

Method four: in cold weather

A cotton shirt for men will be comfortable even in autumn and demi-season. Many often replace this clothing option with flannel or other warm material. But it is enough to choose all the components of the image correctly, as a cotton shirt will become a stylish and comfortable solution. For example, a thick and warm men’s khaki shirt, complemented by a white T-shirt, is great for everyday wear.

Method five: on vacation and travel

A light linen shirt and shorts is an almost perfect combination for a hot summer, a trip out of town or a trip. When choosing, you should pay attention to the colors: light-colored clothes are comfortable and always look stylish. Linen is easy to care for, irons well and is good in hot weather.

Cotton men’s shirt with short sleeves is an extremely popular clothing model. It is suitable for both office and everyday use.

Westranger is always happy to see you and help you choose stylish and comfortable clothes. Collections are regularly updated with new products! Choose, share your impressions and look perfect!


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