How and where to use all-purpose cleaners for house cleaning?


A universal cleaner for all types of surfaces — a real lifesaver for any housewife. There is no longer a need to store five bottles of expensive products, because there is one — universal!

All-purpose cleaners are designed for use on a variety of surfaces. Sometimes they are called multifunctional because they are able to cope with various types of pollution. So, with the help of such means, you can disinfect the surface, degrease it or just wash it.

Cleansing gel for the home will replace 11 household products.

The main advantages that this universal detergent has are:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Can be used on almost all hard surfaces
  3. Handles dirt with ease
  4. The tool is economical to use, it has a thick foam
  5. No stains or streaks remain
  6. The cleaning agent does not need to be rinsed off, which makes it possible to finish cleaning faster and spend much less time on it.
  7. After carrying out hygiene procedures, a pleasant, light and unobtrusive aroma of cleanliness and freshness remains.

Detergent removes fat stains of vegetable and animal origin, neutralizes odors, ideal as a grease remover in the kitchen. Leaves no streaks or marks. Does not dry the skin of the hands.


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