Girls and boys love spending time together! But they don’t always know how to do it right. Hence the quarrels, resentments, cries of “Mom, he took my toys again!” and all that is familiar to so many parents. If your kids also don’t know how to play together, read our recommendations.

1. General hobby. The same activities increase the level of cohesion and help to deal with disagreements. After all, children have to work in a team! Such a hobby can be activities that are equally interesting for both boys and girls. For example, collecting, doing creative work or assembling puzzles. So that the children are busy with a common cause, but everyone works for their own result, we advise you to choose puzzles for daughters and sons of the same element, but with different plots. Girls will love puzzles with magical girlfriends from the Enchantimals cartoon, and boys will love bright puzzles with cool Hot Wheels cars!

2. Independence. Sometimes children argue among themselves because of who knows more or can do more. A competitive spirit can manifest itself even in such everyday trifles as helping mom in the kitchen. Give them the same level of independence so that their desire to develop and grow up benefits everyone, and does not lead to endless quarrels.

3. Mutual assistance. Helping others is an essential socialization skill. If your children do everything only to spite each other, arrange situations for them in which they will have to not only help, but also be responsible for their actions. For example, tell them that before grandparents arrive, they will need to make beautiful crafts. But not separately, but together. Let the daughter assemble a beautiful puzzle-polyptych of 25 elements, and the son will help decorate it with a multi-colored mosaic. Working for the result and mutual assistance in a situation, the success of which is important for both tomboys, will allow children to look at each other differently. Only in this way will they stop seeing the enemy in front of them and finally understand that they should take care and help, and not fight over every little thing.

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