Create an atmosphere of magic or 7 ideas on how to decorate your home with garlands


The end of autumn and winter is a gloomy season with little sunlight. During this period, it is easy to fall into a blues or depression. You can fight a bad mood with the help of additional lighting in the interior. You can create such lighting by decorating the house and yard with garlands.

If earlier garlands were used only as a New Year’s decoration, now they can act as a decorative element all year round.

Warm colors and soft shimmer of garlands will create a cozy atmosphere — in the house or on the street. You can decorate them with interior items, windows or facades.

The range of EUROSVET includes more than 30 types of garlands, indoor and outdoor (IP 20/IP 65). Beautiful, reliable, all colors, shapes and modes.

Look at inspiring ideas — and decorate the world around you!

one. Decorate your holiday table

One of the unusual uses of a garland is to use it to decorate a table. You can simply lay out the garland beautifully on the table, or you can place it in a vase.

2. Create a festive mood in your home

With the help of a garland, you can decorate any surface in the house: windows, walls and even the ceiling. And if you give yourself up to fantasy and add a drop of skill, then using garlands you can create home decor with your own hands.

3. Don’t forget the Christmas beauty

four. Set up a family photo gallery

Hang photos on the garland, such as the best moments of the year or the most interesting places in your trip, and arrange an evening of memories.

5. Unusual hearth

With the help of a garland, you can easily create an imitation of live fire. To do this, you just need to wrap the logs with a single-color flashing garland and arrange them beautifully on a tray or in a fire bowl. The resulting decoration will look equally great in a decorative fireplace, in the yard or even just on a table.

6. magic lamps

A garland hidden under a glass dome or jar turns into an original lamp that will give you warm and soft light for a long time.

7. Share the magical atmosphere with your neighbors

You can decorate the door and the facade of the building with garlands, thereby turning your house into a fabulous one! And the flickering lights on the trees will take you to a real magical forest!

To decorate the street, choose garlands designed for street decor. The lamps in them are reliably protected from dust and moisture and work stably at low temperatures.

When choosing a garland, pay special attention to reliability and safety. The garland should not heat up, and high-quality garlands save electricity and last a long time.

Let’s make our lives brighter together!


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