10 rules for taking care of your hair in autumn and winter?

The time has come for winds, rains and cold. These factors greatly affect the structure of the hair.
They become dry, brittle, begin to electrify and fall out.
Your hair lacks hydration and nourishment.
The technologists of our production, LLB brand, took care of you and developed the ideal product formulas.
To daily care, you need to add a few rules, following which you can keep your hair healthy during this cold period.

1. Wear a hat even if you are driving.
A sharp change in temperature, from heat to cold, causes vasospasm and disrupts the nutrition of the bulb, after which it dies and falls out.
2. In addition, take care of the scalp and hair follicles. To do this, we recommend the LLB brand 3 in 1 Pepper Mask.

3. Be sure to add a nourishing hair length mask. It moisturizes, nourishes and relieves electrification and brittleness.
In this case, the restorative mask from LLB brand will be your reliable friend.

4. Be sure to choose the basic care, shampoo, balm and leave-in product according to your hair type.
5. Make a check-up of the body. Talk to your doctor about missing vitamins. They will help from the inside not only hair, but the whole body.
6. Conduct a course on the prevention of seasonal hair loss. This will help scalp massages and professional products with an effect on the scalp. For example, a mask with red pepper from LLB brand. This product works like a soft scrub and has a pronounced warming effect, which greatly improves blood circulation. As a result, the bulb receives more nutrients, strengthens and grows actively.
7. Don’t go to bed with a wet head. Wet hair is brittle and brittle, instantly damaged.
8. Get rid of wooden and iron combs. They can cause split ends.
9. Swap a cotton pillowcase for a silk one, it will provide a soft slip during sleep and keep the hair structure from damage.
10. Do not use products that contain glycerin in the first positions in the composition. When warm, it absorbs moisture and makes hair drier.

With care for you, LLB brand.
«Made by women for women»

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