What is a cushion and how to use it correctly

What is a cushion anyway? This is not a type of cosmetic product, but a special format for its release: in a case with a mirror and a sponge there is a soft porous sponge-cushion, which, when pressed, releases the product.

By the way, before the concept of «cushion» appeared in cosmetics in 2008, it had long been used by jewelers — this is the name of one of the ways to cut diamonds.

The first Asian beauty products in the form of cushions were BB and CC creams that evened out the tone, added radiance and cared for the skin. Cushion combines the advantages of three products at once: the convenience of a compact powder that you can carry with you everywhere, the lightness of a BB cream and the durability of a tonal foundation.

What is the cushion for?

  • Toning

Cushion gives the skin a natural color and makes it uniform.

  • Alignment of the skin relief

Cushion evens out the skin texture, masks enlarged pores and small mimic wrinkles.

  • Moisturizing

The composition necessarily contains not only decorative, but also caring components: for moisturizing and maintaining water balance, for normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Sun protection

Most cushions contain SPF and protect the skin from photoaging.

What is the difference between a cushion and foundation

1. Gives weightless thin coverage and does not sin with the effect of a mask.

Unlike tubes, which always squeeze out more than necessary, sponge and sponge will not allow you to overdo it with the amount of product. In addition, the product itself, passing through the sponge, loosens and acquires the texture of a light fluid, which is perfectly distributed over the face, “merging” with the skin.

2. Very convenient to use.

You don’t need a separate brush or beauty blender to apply. The compact size of the case allows you to carry it in your bag to easily touch up your makeup at any moment. Cushion is the perfect foundation for travel and travel.

3. Alas, it will not hide noticeable imperfections.

If there is pigmentation on the face or acne has worsened, you will first have to work with a corrector. Well, let the cushion not mask obvious skin imperfections — but it helps to eliminate them thanks to its caring properties!

What skin types are cushions suitable for?

  • For oily

For girls with oily skin prone to comedones, God himself ordered to use cushions — such a light tone with an airy texture will definitely not clog pores!

  • For dry

The impregnation of most cushions consists of 30% mineral water, which intensively saturates the skin with moisture. Moisturizing cushion will help get rid of peeling and unpleasant feeling of tightness.

  • For sensitive

Sensitive individuals will benefit from a cushion with soothing and healing ingredients that will ease the condition of irritated, reddened skin — for example, with avocado extract.

  • For combined

The best cushions for combination skin are those that can «please» both the oily T-zone and dry cheeks at the same time. They should contain both anti-inflammatory, and regenerating, and moisturizing components.

  • For normal

In general, for everyone whose skin is capricious and far from ideal, it makes sense to choose cushions from Asian countries — they qualitatively even out the relief and provide quite serious care.

How to use the face cushion correctly

And a little practice — a mini-instruction on how to use the face cushion correctly.

1.Clean skin first, apply day care. Although the cushion contains useful caring ingredients, it is still not able to fully replace the active serum and moisturizer!

2. Open the «powder box»-cushion, take a sponge and press it on the sponge to pick up the product.

3. Gently patting the face with the sponge, distribute the product. Blend, moving along the massage lines — from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the bridge of the nose to the wings of the nose, from the center of the chin to the earlobes.

4. If there is a need to make the coating more dense, layer the product by repeating steps 2-3.

5. Finish makeup — if desired, powder and blush can be applied on top of the tone created using the cushion.

6. Before leaving the house, take a cushion with you to refresh your face during the day.

If suddenly you still do not understand why you need a cushion in your cosmetic bag and how it is used — I hope now you are ready to try out a miracle sponge!

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