What are vacuum bags for and how to properly store things with them

Many people are accustomed to simply and without fuss putting things in a closet, where they can gather dust, lose their original appearance, or even suffer pest attacks. And how many things do you have to go through when you need to find a specific item from your wardrobe? The banal question of changing things for the season will not leave anyone indifferent, because with the onset of summer comes the eternal problem of storing voluminous winter jackets and down jackets, which can easily take up the lion’s share of space. hangers and shelves comes vacuum storage!

The most efficient vacuum packaging of things is extremely useful for saving space not only at home, but also in case of moving, vacation trips or business trips. Vacuum bags for vacuuming clothes, toys, blankets, shoes and bedding of various configurations allow you to efficiently use the space of your closet, box or suitcase, sometimes saving space by 3-4 times! Vacuum storage protects your clothes from the damaging effects of moisture and dust, which often happens on trips or when moving, and therefore saves time on additional washing. And the choice of a suitable configuration from 6 pcs., 8 pcs., 10 pcs. or 12 pcs. packages of different sizes will allow you to accurately distribute the volume of things for a child and an adult when packing. Things occupy the smallest possible volume, leaving no air in the storage place. The final dimensions of vacuum packaging depend on the things themselves. For example, pillows, blankets, and bulky winter items shrink much better than thin, less bulky items.

The easy-to-use bag is made of thick transparent polyamide, which allows you to find out about its contents without opening the sealed zip and lock.

For direct sealing, it is necessary to place a piece of clothing or several things, depending on the size, in the position in which they will be stored in bags for vacuuming, close the lock tightly and pump out air through the valve using a special pump included in the kit or a regular household vacuum cleaner .

Depending on the number of things and the size of the vacuum bag, the time for pumping out the air may be different. It is advisable not to leave air in the bag, this will reduce the space occupied by at least two times.

Upon completion, it is necessary to close the valve and check the tightness and tightness of the closure of the package. It is recommended to distribute things in the bag in such a way that they occupy the entire space evenly and adjoin the valve, in order to avoid gluing the walls of the packaging bag when air is pumped out.

Remember, it is recommended to store only dry and clean things in a sealed vacuum bag, because dampness and long storage time can lead to an unpleasant odor or even loss of the original appearance of clothing.

A huge advantage of vacuum storage will be the safety of things clean and beautiful, as when packing. Even the smell of powder and freshness will remain until the moment of opening. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly wash, dry and prepare your favorite items before long-term storage. Things can be sorted by size, purpose and time they will be stored. Create your own storage system.

Little life hacks:

— do not put together things of different seasons, for example, a winter jacket that you may only need when the cold weather sets in and your favorite shirt or dress that you want to wear out of season.

— if you want to fold an already vacuumed bag several times — leave free lanes between the stacks of things in the bag

— if things have a belt or lock — wrap the buckle, zipper inside the thing, this will not violate the integrity of the package.

For small items, compact bags of 60 x 40 cm, 70 x 50 cm are best suited, for bulky outerwear you will need large bags of 80 x 60 cm or 100 x 80 cm.

ELEMENTO vacuum bags are the best choice for storing your belongings!

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