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Mouton coat attracts many fashionistas with its chic look, durability to wear and cost. Previously, muton fur coats had a significant weight, and now manufacturers and designers have solved this problem with the help of innovative technologies. Today, the average weight of a finished muton coat, according to existing standards, is about 2-3 kg, depending on the size and length of the product.

Mouton is distinguished by high thermal insulation properties and super strength — this material for fur coats is considered the best in the world. The recommended temperature regime for muton products is up to -30C, without additional insulation. She is not afraid of moisture — snow and rain.

However, over time, due to inaccurate wear, stains may appear. Also, dust can penetrate into the depths of the pile, taking away shine and gloss from the fur.


First of all, it should be noted that it is best to start cleaning a fur coat in the spring after the retreat of cold weather, before putting it away for storage. This will make it possible to dry clothes well in the air, getting rid of unpleasant odors. Cleaning can be different in duration and choice of means — light, deep or preventive. It will not require large cash costs and will help extend the life of clothing.


  • Lather is a universal and harmless way of cleansing. It can be made from soap or powder that does not contain bleach, or even from hair shampoo, combined with water and whipped into a thick lather. Using a sponge or brush, it is applied to the fur. Then, with a dry and clean clothes brush, the remaining foam is removed, and the thing is hung on a coat hanger to dry naturally, away from heating devices.
  • Medical alcohol, table vinegar and water. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. A sponge is moistened in the mixture and applied to the fur. After a minute or two, it should be wiped with a regular napkin and hang the fur product on a coat hanger until completely dry.
  • Salt and ammonia. For 1 tsp alcohol take 4 tbsp. salt. The resulting slurry is diluted with water (500 ml). A thoroughly dissolved mixture is applied to the stain for 10-15 minutes, then the residues are removed with a sponge or brush, removing the remaining pieces of the substance.


    If the product has a greasy stain or greasy, it is customary to use dry cleaning methods. To do this, we recommend using:

    • Corn starch
    • Semolina
    • Bran or sawdust

    The selected dry product is poured directly onto the area requiring cleaning, and left for a while so that it absorbs all the fat. After that, you should carefully clean the item with a vacuum cleaner.

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