1. «Towel Day» When and why is this day celebrated?

  2. Main selection criteria

    2.1. How long should the pile be?

    2.2. What thickness of the towel should I choose?

    2.3. What should be the material?

    2.4. What size should it be?

    2.5. How to care for towels?

  3. Soft terry towels in a gift box from AniLi

  4. Tips for choosing a terry towel

1. Towel Day. When and why is this day celebrated?

World Towel Day is celebrated on May 25 all over the world. This is a kind of tribute to the memory of the British writer Douglas Adams, the author of the popular science fiction novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In this book, he shone one large chapter on a terry towel, assuring that the hitchhiking traveler simply needs to have a towel with him. After all, it can replace both a blanket and a bedding, it can save you from poisonous gases or become a weapon, you can wave it around giving a distress signal. And since 2001, the writer’s fans every year on May 25 carry a terry towel with them, everywhere and with everyone they talk only about them, so that those who are not familiar with Adams’s work become interested and run to read the novel.

2. Main selection criteria

As for everyday life, we cannot imagine our life without towels, but we also know very little about them. Towels are first and foremost a hygiene item, very important and irreplaceable. And when choosing them, you need to take into account a number of features so that they serve us for a long time. And if you know what to pay attention to, then it will be difficult to make a mistake with the choice.

In the modern world, choosing a towel has become an art. We are offered a variety of options, but the most important criteria are — material, color, size, density and care. And so, let’s sort it out in order. What aspects should be emphasized when choosing?

2.1 How long should the pile be?

Why is it so important? Terry towels, whose pile length is less than 3.5 mm, do not absorb moisture well, they are not practical and extremely uncomfortable. You should also bypass a long pile, for example 8 mm, because in this case, due to the volume, they quickly fall off, cling to objects and deteriorate. So it is better to choose a pile from 3.5-5mm, this is the best option.

2.2 What thickness of the towel should I choose?

What thickness of the towel should I choose? What is the density of the towel? In simple terms, this is the weight of terry cloth, which is used in the manufacture of a square meter of the product. If you choose a bath towel, then the best option is 450-600 g / m2. If it is kitchen, then 320g / m2 is enough.

2.3 What should be the material?

Different materials are used to make towels today. The most popular is cotton. Cotton towels are soft and comfortable, they are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin. You can also find bamboo, jacquard, velor, silk and linen products. But cotton remains a favorite due to its versatility and reliability.

2.4 What size should it be?

Towels size 30×30 — guest or toilet. For a kitchen, the optimal dimensions are 30×60 and 50×70. The universal sizes of facial towels are 50×85, 50×100, shower towels — 70×140, bath towels — 80×160, and for the beach and sauna, sizes of 100×150 and more are suitable.

2.5 How to care for towels?

It is important to wash terry towels before the first use. Then you should wash them 2 times a week if they are kitchen ones, and after each use if they are facial ones. The optimum temperature in the delicate wash mode is 40 degrees, preferably in salt water.

3. Soft terry towels in a gift box from AniLi

Now that all the secrets and rules for choosing terry towels have been revealed, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the gift set from AniLi.
The set includes:

  • 2 terry towels
  • Hot stand

You can buy this set for yourself, for your household, or as a gift, because it is originally packed in a gift box and looks very presentable. And if you are embarrassed that giving towels is considered a bad omen, we hasten to reassure you. A kitchen towel is one of the most practical items in modern life, which will certainly come in handy for any woman and how irreplaceable iteman element that will emphasize the interior of the kitchen.

In our gift sets, towels are embroidered with a coffee theme and beautifully presented. They are presented in several colors that can be easily combined with different kitchen interiors:

  • White and gray blue — (Code number: 72066629)
  • Beige and chocolate — (Code number: 72066627)
  • Gray and brown — (Code number: 72066628)

Gift kitchen towels are made of 100% natural cotton, pleasant to the touch, environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies. Thanks to the density of 360g/m2, they are perfectly absorbent and then dry quickly. And high-quality yarn gives it softness and tenderness. Size 30x60cm.

We also put a hot stand in our kitchen set. They are presented in size 16.5×16.5, covered with a decorative marble pattern. The stand is made of natural materials, comfortable and versatile. It can also be used as mini tray for cookies, berries and various sweets. A stylish design will decorate the interior of any kitchen and will delight the hostess.

Tips for choosing a terry towel

When choosing a towel, the main thing is not to get lost in the abundance of offers and pay attention to the important characteristics that determine the correct choice (we have already listed the main ones in our article).

And if you decide to give a gift, then think not about superstitious signs, but about how good your gift is and whether it will please the person you are giving it to. Because everything else doesn’t matter!

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