Proper brush care: briefly about how to prolong their life!


Keysti from natural fur are demanding to care for, they cannot be washed often with water, so that the pile does not lose its softness and does not break off, therefore it is better to use them for applying cosmetics with a dry, powdery texture. Under no circumstances should they be soaked in water! For daily removal of pigment from brushes, use specialized cleaners without alcohol or sponge (sponzh) for dry brush cleaning. It is enough, without effort, to brush over it several times with a brush, and almost all the dry product will be removed from the pile. Wash fur recommended

It is used no more than once a month, using not hot water and foamed special soap or shampoo for washing brushes (you can use more budget options: facial wash for sensitive skin or baby shampoo). In the process of washing with flat brushes, move along the surface with sliding movements, and with brushes that have a round shape, drive in a circle. This will keep them from losing their shape. Do not allow water to get inside the ferrule, because in the production of any brush, even very expensive, a special glue is used, which, with constant contact with water, can lose its properties, which will lead to the loss of the pile. After rinsing the brushes, and lightly squeezing out the remaining water with your fingers, lay them on a horizontal surface on a towel or paper towel and let dry completely.

Andartificial brushes more unpretentious in care. Synthetic bristles do not absorb cosmetics, so creamy products are recommended with these brushes. You can wash them with ordinary antibacterial soap, according to the method indicated above.

It is important to know that special alcohol-based brush cleaners will shorten the life of your brushes!


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