Overheating cannot be frozen — how to properly dress a child in the off-season?


A walk is a whole world for a little explorer. Here are just no measurements of the depth of puddles, drawings on the pavement and kilometers in the park for pigeons and squirrels are not interesting if the child is hot or cold. How to dress a child in the off-season, when the sun was just shining, but the wind blew and it smelled of rain? We are going for a walk this unpredictable spring with the Colibri textile brand!

So, if at the same time as the off-season you are in the throes of choosing what to wear to your child so that he does not freeze or overheat, then this collection of rules is for you:

Clothing must be true to size. Even if you really want to take a suit for growth, this is a bad idea. It is permissible to take clothes for growth no more than 0.5 sizes — otherwise the clothes will hang on the baby, crumple, fold. The same is with too small clothes — during an active walk, a jacket or jacket, from which the child grew up a couple of months ago, can expose the most unprotected parts of the body. By the way, there are detailed size tables on Wildberries — so choosing clothes if you have a child’s parameters is not difficult.

Only natural materials. Soft cotton combined with fleece and other insulation is the perfect combination for a cozy walk even on a chilly day. Natural fabrics are pleasant to the touch, absorb moisture well, do not leave a naughty child wet, and do not cause allergies. In the line of the Colibri Textile brand, clothes made of Uzbek cotton are soft, pleasant and beautiful.

Durability. Nobody likes when clothes can be thrown away after a couple of washes, but what kind of accuracy can we talk about in the case of an active child? Therefore, choose durable fabrics with reliable stitching, high-quality prints — neither puddles nor spring mud are afraid of such products. Clothing brand Colibri Textile washes well and looks great even after frequent washing, and the colors and images remain juicy and bright.

Choose versatile styles. Walking in the off-season through puddles, the remnants of snow and mud is not the best place for walking ball gowns and festive costumes. Therefore, choose universal models — trouser and tracksuits that fit both boys and girls perfectly. The Colibri Textile brand offers a good selection of suits for children of all ages, comfortable bodysuits for toddlers and sweatshirts and pants for older children.

And the last — do not chase fashion. Give preference to classic models, comfortable and cozy, such as in the line of the Colibri Textile brand. And then your walk will not be spoiled by bad weather!


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