How to teach a child to read quickly and correctly?


Starting to read on their own, children expand their vocabulary faster and, accordingly, develop their thinking more effectively. However, once you enter school, simply being able to read may not be enough. Modern educational programs are aimed at mastering a large amount of new information. That is why at the age of six to ten years it is important to teach the child to read quickly and efficiently.

In school, reading speed is usually measured by the number of words read per minute. And how carefully students read these texts, teachers can determine with the help of leading questions. The reading speed of first graders, as a rule, is 30-40 words per minute, second graders — 50-60 words, in the third grade this indicator is 70-90 words, and by the fourth grade the speed should be about 100-120 words per minute.

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In middle and high school, the program becomes more complex and richer, and, accordingly, the reading speed should increase. As a rule, adults read at a speed equal to 200 words per minute. This is an average indicator that helps to better perceive new information.

What should be done so that with age, children not only reach this “adult” indicator, but also exceed it?

Daily Exercise

Speed ​​reading, like any other skill, takes practice. To learn to read faster, you must first read as much as possible. This does not mean that your child should swallow an entire book a day and not look up from the book pages at all. On the contrary, he can read no more than 15-30 minutes a day, but at the same time he needs to train every day. Otherwise, the desired result will not be achieved.

health care

Reading speed and understanding of the text directly depend on how good your child’s eyesight is. So make sure that the child eats properly, does not overwork, does not read in inappropriate lighting and in other adverse circumstances. Subsequently, such caution will not only improve reading skills, but in general will have a positive impact on the health of the child.

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Vocabulary development

It is difficult to achieve correct perception of the text if the child does not understand most of the words present there. When reading a text with a lot of new vocabulary, children often trip over unfamiliar words and either skip them (which affects comprehension) or try to learn their meaning (which slows down reading speed). The development of a child’s vocabulary should be dealt with, starting from the first years of life. Try to explain incomprehensible words to your child, read books with him more often and learn as much as possible new things. As a rule, erudite children read much better and faster.

Conscious reading

Develop in your child the habit of reading mindfully. The best ways to do this are retelling fragments of text or discussing what has been read. You can begin to repeat very small pieces, gradually developing not only speech and speed reading, but also memory. And then — in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss what was read. For example, you can exchange opinions about the most interesting moments of the book before going to bed. Such a small exercise will also help develop speech and improve relationships with the child.

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Special exercises

Nowadays, there are countless special exercises for learning speed reading. You can also find a variety of courses, both directly in your city and on the Internet. So, if you need to increase the reading speed of the child in a fairly short time, everything is in your hands.

And you can develop vocabulary and reading skills from the very first years with the help of a bright and colorful book by Zina Surova «Russian Folk Riddles in Pictures» or a collection of author’s rhymes «After the wave is a wave» by Mikhail Lukashevich.

But the most important thing in training is that it should be voluntary. It is unlikely that any of the proposed methods will be effective if it is applied «under pressure».


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