How to sign up 100% of clients for eyelash extensions?


Hello girls! We have compiled recommendations for you on how to communicate with clients online and in the office, so that everyone who comes to you is sure to be satisfied! At the stage of recording in PM, there are three basic rules: be sure to leave an open question (“Building in the wet effect will cost 2000 per procedure. What date will you be recorded for?” Instead of “Price — 2000 rubles”); 2. we help to make a choice and dispel fear (“I use disposable consumables and carry out disinfection, do not be afraid to put something in the eye” instead of “No one complained”); 3. confirm the appointment and remind about it. When the client has already come to the master: 1. “we agree on the shore”: does the client want to talk or be silent? Is she against light music or should we listen to an audiobook? Let’s take a photo after the extension? IMPORTANT! The discussion also applies to the chosen extension. If the «fox» obviously does not fit, clearly explain how it can be replaced. Show the model in the photo or take a picture of her so that she sees the best option.2. If the client does not have time, we minimize conversations in general; we warn the client that now there will be a difficult section, so you need to be silent for a while. Facial expressions in any case will interfere, especially at the time of working out the outer corners.3. We correctly ask if everything suits you, how it feels, how the procedure itself went. We start the online chat in the comments! Tell me, what are your rules for communicating with a client? Are there any topics/phrases that you will never use?


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