How to quickly remove cellulite at home

Scrub is a popular cosmetic product. It is a cream base that contains solid particles to exfoliate the skin.

Hot scrub is salt-based, its particles are smaller, and the consistency is fluid. The composition includes: chili pepper extract, shea butter, essential oils of cloves and anise, sea salt.

  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Stimulates fat burning processes
  • Breaks down fat cells


Cosmeya scrub is best used for hot wraps. It is applied to a clean, steamed body after water procedures — a shower, baths or saunas. The skin should be dried with a soft towel.

There is a feeling of slight burning and tingling — this is the natural effect of an anti-cellulite remedy. After applying an oily thick composition, it is better to warm the body — wrap it in several layers with plastic wrap or foil, cover yourself with a warm blanket or wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe.

Just one treatment will give you:

  • Instant and high-quality care;
  • Healthy, smooth and nourished skin;
  • Unique fragrance for the whole day.

With regular use of the scrub, the outflow of lymph from the upper layer of the epidermis normalizes, the elasticity of the body increases, and fat deposits “melt”.

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