How to properly store bread


Bread is very susceptible to air humidity and absorbs water vapor from the environment. If stored incorrectly, the bread becomes moldy or windy.

Opened bread re-placed in polyethylene does not breathe, moisture does not leave, the crust loses its hardness and is quickly damaged by mold. This option is not suitable for re-storage after opening the package.

So how do you prevent mold and keep your bread soft, at home or in the bakery?

Flax is a natural antiseptic, it slows down the drying process of the crumb and removes excess moisture.

To preserve the taste and aroma of handicraft bread, ciabatta or baguette, it is recommended to store bread in a linen breadbasket covered with a towel.

This is how our grandmothers kept bread many years ago, protecting it from negative factors, keeping the crumb soft and the crust crispy.

In modern times, bread bins and linen bags are used in European bakeries to beautifully serve and extend the shelf life of freshly baked bread.

To preserve the properties of the fabric, the linen bread box is washed manually with soap.

Delicious bread for every home!

Enjoy your meal!


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