How to prepare a child for school with the help of games?


Play is the leading activity of a child in preschool age. Psychologists believe that any training should take place in a playful way: unobtrusively, non-violently. There are many modern games: didactic (for educational purposes) and non-didactic, board, oral, compact, through which you can learn everything — from letters to numbers.
Educational games are the best way to develop the intelligence of a son or daughter so that the child loves to learn and does not get bored in the process. We have collected 3 educational games that will help the mother herself prepare the child for school.
Task «Find and Circle»: remembering letters
Give the future student a page from a newspaper or magazine and ask them to find and highlight any letter with a pencil everywhere. For example, all «b».

✅ Our books «I’m looking for» will help you master the technique in a playful way.

Task «What is it?»: we train speech
The parent names an object, and the future student describes it in detail. If the child is in doubt, tell him what qualities you can tell about: color, shape, what he is made of, size, etc. This game will help prepare the child at home for Russian language lessons at school.

✅ «English cheat sheets» are perfect for this task, the child will be able to develop two languages ​​in parallel.

Assignment «Associations»: developing logic
Call the child the words, and ask him to match them with a pair. For example: tree — leaf, house — roof, sea — waves. It is important that he himself explain why he chose such a pair by the way.

The workbook «The world around us» is more than ever suitable for this task.


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