Our children grow up over time. From about 11 to 18 years old, a rather difficult period called adolescence passes. They are not yet adults, but they are no longer small, and this scares them. The body changes, attitudes change and very often the mood changes. Complexes appear, first love and the formation of personality.

This period is also difficult for parents. HOW TO PLEASE YOUR CHILD when his mood changes every five minutes? How to establish contact with him and return his location? Each child needs an individual approach, but everyone, without exception, needs the support and love of their parents. You can always have fun together

  • go to the cinema, to the film that he chooses
  • eat fast food that teenagers love so much
  • arrange an active holiday, let it be cycling or board games at home, whatever you like.

The main thing is not to respond with aggression to aggression, these are hormonal surges that affect mood swings. And don’t criticize your child for their «special» style of dress, appearance, or creativity. — if she likes to draw (albeit very strange drawings in your opinion), support him in this. — if your daughter dyed her hair pink, tell her that it really suits her! (and don’t forget to breathe with excitement) -if your child wants to wear a t-shirt three sizes larger, buy him one. And be sure to order a cool one at WILDBERRIES SHOPPER with a toyOr better yet, order two! Myself and my daughter, it will be cool family style. By doing so, you show your child that you respect his opinion and his way of expressing himself.

In a few years, your daughter will thank you very much for the fact that you have gone through this difficult path together.

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