How to measure water hardness at home?

When using and connecting the dishwasher for the first time, some models ask for information about the water hardness level. The consumption of salt and rinse aid depends on this, which means the quality of washing dishes and the service life of the PMM. If the water is very hard and the setting is set incorrectly, then the appearance of limescale on the heating element and streaks on the dishes becomes inevitable.

What are the types of water hardness

• Soft

• Average

• Rigid

• Very hard

The degree of water hardness depends on the presence of magnesium and calcium salts. If there are too many of these salts, then such water will be considered very hard. You should not be afraid of their presence, but it is necessary to know about their concentration for a number of reasons.

Why is it important to know about water hardness?

Firstlythe taste of food and drinks that are prepared on this water depends on the concentration of magnesium and calcium salts.

SecondlyWhen drinking water, you need to remember about its effect on the digestive system and heart. Too hard water adversely affects human health.

Thirdlydue to the large accumulation of magnesium and calcium salts, equipment is subject to more frequent breakdowns, since limescale will constantly form there.

Ways to measure water hardness at home

Information about the state of water and its quality can be obtained from open sources that are easy to find. You can also take a water sample to the SES, but you need to take into account the time that you spend on the trip and waiting. It is much easier to do the determination of water hardness on your own.

Test strips. Taste buds can fool you, but high-quality test strips will help you accurately determine the composition of water. This is a simple and inexpensive way to determine the hardness of water. To do this, lower the strip into the water and wait a bit. It should change color, which will indicate the presence of certain trace elements. The resulting color will need to shine with the table that is attached to such strips.

Express tests for water. Those who have fish tanks at home are probably already familiar with this method. This test is carried out by gradually adding a special reagent, which, as its concentration increases, reacts with salts. As a result of changing the color of the resulting liquid, the hardness of the water is determined.

Tea brewing. It is advisable to use large-leaf tea for this method, this will make the experiment more truthful. With soft water, tea is brewed quickly and the resulting infusion is transparent, unlike infusion with hard water. At the same time, the brewing time is noticeably different: with hard water, this process takes longer. For anyone, pay attention to the presence of plaque on the walls of the mugs, a dark coating indicates a high degree of hardness.

Boiling. If you look at the bottom and sides of the kettle, you can see the lime scale. If he is delighted after several boils, most likely your water has a high concentration of salts. If you boil water for five minutes, you can test the water for changes in its taste. A bitter taste indicates a large amount of iron.

Soap test. If you, once in a strange house, find that washing your hands is somehow different, then this indicates a different quality of water. In soft water, soap lathers normally stronger and more foam from it, but it is washed off more slowly. In hard water, you notice that you have just lathered your hands, as the soap has already washed off, and on plumbing, traces of such water are much more noticeable.

If you have a dishwasher in your house, but the tap water turned out to be of increased hardness, then you need to use special regenerating salt and rinse aid to soften it. In addition, pay attention to the composition of tablets for PMM. For example, ALAPURESA tablets contain salt and water softening components necessary for high-quality and effective dishwashing in water of moderate hardness. This means that in general the equipment will work longer, and the quality of dishwashing will not leave any complaints.

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