How to make eyelashes longer at home


You can grow long and thick eyelashes if you take care of them daily and use natural recipes regularly.

  • Regularly comb the upper and lower eyelashes with a special brush. This stimulates growth and improves blood circulation around the bulbs.
  • Massage your eyelids once a week. To do this, mix 1 part of aloe juice with two parts of oil (castor, olive, almond). Liquid vitamins A and E can be added to the product.
  • 2 times a week make a mask of chopped parsley and castor oil.
  • You can relieve fatigue with the help of tonic compresses from tea or herbal decoctions. Pour boiling water over green tea, chamomile, sage and sue to room temperature, and then take cosmetic sponges, soak in liquid and apply to the eyes. Lie down quietly for 20 minutes and remove the compress. Herbal compresses nourish, strengthen and positively affect eye health.

    • Nourish your hair regularly with natural oil. In addition to the popular castor, burdock, from grape seeds, is suitable. The pharmacy sells capsules with liquid vitamin E and A, fish oil. They can be used alone or added to oils.
    • Add biotin or B vitamins to the diet (you can complex).

      What oils promote the growth of beautiful and thick eyelashes

      • Nourishing effect — castor, linseed, olive.
      • Accelerates growth — almond, rosehip oil, burdock.
      • Prevents loss and brittleness — peach and grape seed oil, sea buckthorn.

      You can apply oil mixtures with a brush for eyebrows and eyelashes, a cotton swab or in the form of applications with sponges half an hour before bedtime.


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