How to make eyebrows thick at home: tips from stylists

#Soap brows is a popular Instagram beauty trend. Don’t know what it is yet? And what about the soap? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything!

Soapy brows are brows styled… Guess what? Yes, that’s right: laid with soap. But, of course, not the usual, but a special tool designed specifically for fixing hairs.

This method has several advantages over others. Brow styling soap allows you to style even the toughest and most unruly hairs that no gel can cope with in the desired way. At the same time, it securely fixes the eyebrows for the whole day, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. No other means will provide you with such stamina! Eyebrows can be laid out as you like: make them natural and fluffy or bright and glossy. With the help of soap, you can create the effect of long-term styling or lamination at home.

The soap does not dry out in the package, unlike eyebrow mascara or fixative gel, it has a very small consumption.

How to style eyebrows with soap

The soap can be applied to the brows on its own or over your favorite tinting product: mascara, eye shadow, pencil or highlighter. Wait for the tinting cosmetic product to dry.

  • Take an eyebrow brush and spray some water (1-3 puffs) on its surface. You can use a fixing spray. The brush should be damp, but not wet!
  • Bend the brush to a comfortable angle for use.
  • Type on the brush a sufficient amount of soap directly from the jar. For very thick brows, you may need to apply a thicker layer.
  • Comb your eyebrows well so that the product is evenly distributed over the hairs from root to tip: first from the bottom up, and then from top to bottom.
  • Lay the hairs in the desired direction and wait until they dry.

To achieve a natural effect, you can use a dry brush.

Some makeup artists first apply soap to the eyebrows and only after that — a tinting agent. It should be borne in mind that many cosmetic products on soap give an even brighter color. Both methods are effective. Experiment and you will definitely choose the best option for yourself! Fixing eyebrows with soap is easy to master even for beginners in makeup. And do not be afraid: the procedure will not take you much time — it will be spent no more than on regular styling.

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