How to grow eyelashes at home?

Tired of the daily use of mascara in makeup? Do you dream of seeing your eyelashes thick and long without the use of cosmetics?

We tell you how to achieve this. In the modern world, a lot of both external and internal factors affect our health. And all this directly affects our appearance. Eyelashes are no exception. A large percentage of girls struggle with the consequences of eyelash extensions, the result of which is sparse and short hairs that cannot be called a beautiful frame for women’s eyes.

The second reason for the painful appearance of eyelashes is the internal state of the body: lack of vitamins, frequent stress, malnutrition can lead to hormonal failure, which leads to disruption of the work of all internal organs, and it is quite difficult to cope with the consequences. The use of low-quality cosmetics also leads to sad consequences: eyelashes can become thin and short due to an allergic reaction. Improper care and makeup removal can lead to disastrous results, and then it is necessary to approach the solution of the problem in a complex way. In order to restore splendor and luxury to your eyelashes, you need to strike a balance and act from several sides.


Eyelashes are 96% keratin, which means you should give preference to foods rich in protein: cheese, seafood, lean meat, fish, nuts. For better absorption of protein, we recommend combining foods with sour fruits.


Surely you have heard about the effectiveness of natural oils, which can be purchased at pharmacies in the public domain. Castor, peach, almond, olive oil for eyebrows and eyelashes — you can choose any that you like. But do not use irregularly, so as not to cause eye irritation. The disadvantage of such oils is that they leave greasy marks on the skin, which is not always convenient, but a fairly simple remedy. The price of quality oil starts from 650 rubles.


Do not use mascara that is more than three months old — there is a high probability that bacteria have already started in it. It is necessary to remove makeup every day, otherwise it can lead to breakage of the tips of the eyelashes.

The fastest and most effective way to restore eyelashes is to use eyelash growth serum. Due to the natural balanced composition of the serum for eyelashes and eyebrows, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles. This contributes to the deep restoration of hairs from the inside. Serums are the most effective way, because they have the right proportions that are safe for the skin and eyelashes, while at the same time, due to their individual properties, they help regenerate hairs.

Eyelash serum is an excellent hair growth activator. There are many different serums on the market, today we want to share with you an innovative serum from the world brand NAOMI FRANCE — O.TWO.O — an eyelash growth product based on natural oils, with peptides, hyaluronic and nicotinic acid.

Regenerating eyelash gel strengthens the cilia along the entire length, stimulates their growth, seals and protects. The natural composition is gentle on eyelashes and eyes, does not cause irritation and redness. The eyelash product has a light structure, does not stick together and does not weigh down the eyelashes. The serum can be used as a makeup base. The complex of vitamins makes the hairs thicker, darker and healthier. The eyelash growth tool will allow you to become a happy owner of long and thick eyelashes without extensions! It will restore their natural structure, protect them from the negative effects of decorative cosmetics.

Serum NAONI FRANCE — O.TWO.O is a new generation booster that will 100% solve your problem. In addition, when buying a serum, you will receive as a gift «COURSE ON CREATING MAKE-UP FOR YOURSELF». The cost of the serum is 499 rubles.

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