How to get rid of acne at home

  • Black dots
  • Oily skin after just 20 minutes after washing
  • Acne
  • acne
  • Enlarged pores

The «owners» of these signs of problem skin have repeatedly seen promises to get rid of these troubles in a couple of applications of the skin remedy. And… they already know it won’t help.

It is necessary not only to eliminate acne that has appeared. It is necessary to approach the problem in a complex way: to restore the skin and bring it to a normal functional state.

It is important to create conditions in which pathogenic bacteria will stop multiplying and causing new inflammation.

Choose the path that is longer, but at the same time verified, proven and will work to eliminate the causes that cause acne and other signs of problem skin.

The most important stage in working with such skin — the formation of normal skin microflora, which will provide local immunity and will prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Acne Remedies

1. One of the first steps in dealing with problem skin is cleansing.

It is not worth washing the skin with a washcloth until it squeaks or using aggressive care. Soaps and alcohol-containing cosmetics break the surface layer and aggravate the situation.

Our expert recommends gentle care with a pH that matches the skin’s normal pH. Antibacterial treatment must be carried out using silver ions. They act only on pathogenic bacteria, not destroying beneficial ones.

Lotion Altiora Ray — meets all of the above tasks. link to lotion here.

2. The second stage is a complex: detox + anti-inflammatory effect + formation of local microflora

The rules are the same, no alcohol or aggressive cosmetics.

We are working to create all the conditions for the normal functioning of the skin for a long time, including after the end of the use of all products, without getting used to them!

Experts recommend face masks with DermaHelp SPA concentrate.

This is a professional detox composition with silver ions and plant extracts, which is used in the complex treatment of chronic dermatological diseases.

  1. It cleanses the skin of bacteria that cause acne, rashes and other inflammations.
  2. It disinfects the skin, reduces the size of inflammation, without injuring or overdrying it.
  3. Restores microflora, activates local immunity and reduces the likelihood of new inflammations.

One concentrate is enough for 90-120 face masks (1-2 years). Soak a dry disposable cloth face mask in the solution or add the concentrate to a finished face mask.

Strong and safe remedy for acne

Can something good for problem skin be safe?

«DermaHelp» DETOX + problem skin care — smart cosmetics with a huge scientific past.

Hundreds of studies have been carried out on the antibacterial effect of silver ions, the effectiveness of plant extracts that are part of the concentrate — all this is the basis on which the concentrate is created.

What is the security guarantee? Everything is simple — in the absence of aggressive and dangerous substances for the skin. The action of the concentrate is aimed at restoring normal microflora and local immunity, and cleansing bacteria that cause acne, rashes and other inflammations.

Add concentrate to skin creams, face masks, baths, use for daily care and cleansing of oily and problematic skin.

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