How to distract the child from the phone and computer games


My eldest son is 9 years old, until recently he did not have a personal phone, he managed with smart watches. But his birthday was approaching, and all his desires came down to one)) After many doubts, we consulted with my husband and gave him a phone!

And of course, there was no limit to the joy — but I was tense, it is obvious that it was necessary to establish the rules for use immediately, but not too strict, so as not to spoil the joy of the child.

The first thing we did was install parental control programs on our phones. We chose Family link based on good reviews and free service. So far, we are satisfied with the program. With the help of this program, we set a daily limit for using the phone — 2 hours. I think that for the summer holidays it is quite acceptable time, in September I will shorten it to 1 hour, most likely.

Also, with the help of the program, we track what the son spends this time on. To download a game or application — the program asks for my permission. And if at first he played games, then later he began to watch videos on the Internet — and their content is terrible … uncontrolled access to the Internet can do a lot of things .. so for now I have limited access to search engines (Yandex Alice and others), leaving only YouTube kids, the content there is quite normal.

While everything is fine, I don’t swear that my son puts down the phone, he plays his allowable time or communicates with friends, and then that’s it — his darling is calm, his hands are not reaching for the phone, he knows that tomorrow there will be time on the phone again and he gradually getting used to planning how to manage this time.

Next we have board games in our arsenal. But here, too, we must try to find something that suits the child.

Bought Uno Minecraftgame like classic UNO, but with

game characters. This interested him and they are cut with a younger brother. And I’m glad))

He also loves Harry Potter and a very cool and simple game is Double Harry Potter! The box of the game is metal, it is convenient to store. On the round Harry-themed image cards, you need to find a pair of some image

nie from the card on hand and the one that is laid out in the center. The interest is that there is always a couple — you just need to take a closer look and be careful.

The son plays these games himself, unlike games like Monopoly or Imaginarium, where the participation of adults is required!


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