How to cut the belt correctly?


A belt that is correctly selected in length (waist circumference) must be fastened to the third or middle hole. Usually belts are made longer and after purchase they must be shortened to an individual length (adjust to fit). A belt will decorate your trousers or jeans and complete your look.
How not to make a mistake when cutting the belt and not ruin your accessory?

Belts are shortened from the side of the buckle, and not from the end of the belt (tip) where the punched holes are located. Do not try to punch additional holes in the belt along the length. New holes, pierced with a non-special tool, reduce the strength of the belt, do not look neat, and the long strap of the belt will not add beauty either.
The main types of fastening the belt to the buckle:
— screw mount
In order to disconnect the buckle from the belt, you need to turn the belt over and use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw. Next, try on the belt to the waist, taking into account the fact that the hole will be in the middle of the buckle. Next, cut off a piece of the belt with large scissors or a knife. Then you need a punch, with its help it will be possible to punch an even hole. You can use another tool, but you need to do it carefully so that the belt does not start to tear from this place. Next, we take the buckle and the canvas of the belt, with the help of a screw we put everything in place.

— Clamp Mount

This type of belt is the easiest to shorten. We take the belt in our hands, turn it over and bend the fixing tongue. We take out the belt from the buckle and shorten it to the desired length. Cut better with large scissors or a knife. Next, we take the parts of the belt and put the fabric of the belt into the buckle. As a rule, in order to assemble the belt again, some effort will be required.

Wired bindings
With this type of fastening, you will have to tinker the longest. The seam must be cut with a knife or blade. We shorten the belt to the desired length and sew it on the back. It is important to choose threads of the same color, as all the work will be in sight. If you don’t want to risk a new accessory, it’s best to take it to a shoe repair shop. He will definitely have all the necessary tools and he will save your time.

I hope our article was informative for you. See you soon.


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