How to choose the right winter overalls for a child


When buying winter clothes for a boy or girl, caring parents are guided, first of all, by ensuring that the child is comfortable and warm. For children under the age of 4, the most comfortable clothing for walking is a one-piece jumpsuit. When choosing the best option, you need to consider all the properties of overalls: the right size, appearance, style, comfort and quality of insulation.

Types of children’s overalls for the winter

There are two main types of overalls for young children — this is a transformer and a one-piece model. The transformer has its advantages, it is designed for babies from 3 to 12 months in sizes: 68, 74, 80. If the child sleeps in a stroller on the street, then the transformer can be converted into a comfortable warm envelope with the help of zippers. But when the baby is awake, he will want to move his legs, and then the envelope easily turns into a one-piece winter overalls.

An example of such clothing is a Zicco transformer for children under one year old. It is made entirely of hypoallergenic materials, has a good fit, and as a lining — soft and pleasant to the touch velor. The set includes mittens and booties, and instead of a belt there is a comfortable drawstring at the waist.

For children whose height is from 80 to 104 cm, Zicco offers fused models. They are designed for babies from 12 months to 3-4 years. The difference from the transformer is also that the one-piece overalls have mittens, but there are no longer booties in the set.

Choosing the right heater

Winter clothing consists of three main layers — the upper part, insulation and lining. The type of insulation is the main issue that worries parents who choose warm overalls for their child. Modern types of children’s clothing are sewn using the following fillers:

· synthetic winterizer;

· holofiber;

· sintepuh.

There are also such heaters as: bird fluff, batting, fur, sheepskin. It is important for parents to understand that the task of any layer in winter clothes is to keep the warmth that the baby’s body radiates. Heaters cope with this task in different ways.

For example, sheepskin or fur are materials that retain heat. However, they are too heavy, and it will be difficult for a child to move in such overalls. The bird’s down is light, but babies may be allergic to it. Batting warms, but it absorbs moisture from the surface of the body, and therefore, after a while, the child in such clothes will begin to freeze. Yes, and it is very important to note the complexity of care, washing for fillers down, sheepskin, feather, batting. They dry for a long time, roll up, and do not always stretch the first time.

A synthetic winterizer as a warming material for clothes is used only in the cheapest models. It does not have good warming properties, and is not suitable for winter overalls. After washing, it decreases in volume and loses its properties.

Sintepukh and holofiber are new generation heaters. They are made from polyester, a hypoallergenic material. Inside the fiber, these materials have a hollow structure, so in their properties they are similar to wool and other natural insulation: fur and sheepskin. They are able to retain heat and remove excess moisture from the surface of the body. And much easier and more convenient to wash and care for.

And their difference is that synthetic fluff has a fibrous structure, and holofiber is a fiber in the form of small balls. In Zicco children’s overalls, just such a material is used — holofiber, or bio-down, which is optimally suited for winter weather with temperatures from 0 to minus 35 degrees.

Paying attention to style

One-piece models of overalls have several details — these are sleeves, legs, zipper, collar, hood, belt. Each of these parts should serve not only to protect against the cold, but also for the convenience of the child during walking and outdoor games. Let’s consider all this in more detail using the Zicco winter overalls as an example.

Hood and fur trim

The detachable fur on the hood and the detachable hood on the children’s overalls are a great advantage. Firstly, it will not always be too cold outside, and you can only wear a warm hat on your head. And another advantage of such a model is that not every baby may like the fur that touches his face.

Hood and raccoon fur with zipper - Zicco

Which fur to choose — artificial or natural? The advantage of natural pile is that it is soft, warm and gentle. Synthetic trim imitating fur is not so soft.

Zipper and collar

A common problem with packing for a winter outing is a child’s reluctance to get dressed. Some babies fall asleep at the time when mom puts warm clothes on them, and some actively resist attempts to pull anything on them. Therefore, it is very important that the zipper fastens easily and does not jam when opened.

The stand-up collar performs an important function, reliably protecting the neck from the wind. When modeling children’s clothing, the height of the collar is always optimally calculated so that it covers the baby’s neck well from cold air.

Hidden zipper on jumpsuit - Zicco

Lower cuffs and straps for fixation

There must be an elastic cuff at the bottom, as well as on the sleeves, so that the child’s legs are reliably protected from snow. For example, as the photo shows the cuff on the legs of the Zicco overalls. And in addition to the bottom, silicone foot loops are attached, which do not allow the legs to rise up, securely fixing them on the baby’s legs during movements. By the way, the straps are easy to adjust or remove if over time they become irrelevant for your child.

Leg cuff - Zicco

Mittens included

If mittens are not sold with the baby overalls, this is not considered a model defect. However, it will be better if the baby’s hands are securely protected. Zicco baby overalls come with insulated mittens, which are made of waterproof material. So that the baby could not lose them, they are connected together with a long ribbon.

Mittens included - Zicco

Waist belt

The next thing you need to pay attention to when choosing winter clothes for your baby is the belt and belt loops for fixing it. On the Zicco overalls, there are loops in the waist area, into which the belt is threaded, it will hold securely at the waist and will not move during movements. The belt itself of this model is made of waterproof fabric, and inside there is an elastic band.

Belt on overalls - Zicco

How to choose the right size

In order to correctly determine which jumpsuit is suitable for the baby, you need to arm yourself with a centimeter tape. All children’s models have markings that correspond to the growth of the child. However, there are other parameters to check:

· half chest;

· half waist;

· semicircumference of the hips;

· sleeve length from the seam;

· inner crotch.

Children’s clothing is made in accordance with standard measurements. But all babies are different, so be sure to check the listed parameters according to the size table. Half bust and hips, as well as height, are the most important measurements when choosing the size of children’s clothing. And, if one of them is larger than indicated in the table, and the height corresponds to the actual height of the baby, then it is better to choose a jumpsuit one size larger. After all, it is very important that it fits the child in width.

There are also other important parameters of the product, which are indicated in the size tables. For overalls, this is the width of the bottom of the leg. The optimal width makes it easy to dress the child, and at the same time, the clothes will be comfortable to use. The length of the sleeve from the seam and the inner crotch are secondary parameters, the main thing is that the height and measurement of the girth (half-girth) of the chest, waist and hips fit.


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