How to choose the right school shoes for your child


Children spend a significant part of the day at school. It is important that clothes and shoes are comfortable and not harmful to health. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right interchangeable shoes for schoolchildren and teenagers.


Shoes for a student should be breathable, while the legs should not freeze. Genuine leather is great: it breathes, adapts to the individual characteristics of the foot and retains heat in case it gets cool.


When choosing shoes for a child, always pay attention to the accuracy of the seams: this is an indicator of the quality of shoes in general.

The form

Children’s shoes should keep their shape: this is a prerequisite for the proper development of the foot.

Elements for health

Soft arch support, Thomas heel (orthopedic sole), molded back are great helpers for proper growth and formation of children’s legs. Pay attention to their availability when buying.


Should be moderately flexible. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a more wear-resistant elastic option or a soft lightweight sole.


Pay attention to the quality of accessories, this is also an important component of good shoes.

The material was prepared jointly with the production manager of IRIDIS. The brand offers a wide selection of school shoes that meet all of the above quality criteria.


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