So, in order to choose the right men’s belt, you should pay attention to a few recommendations:

  • The most versatile option is a leather men’s belt. An exotic leather belt can accentuate undue attention at the waist. We advise you to purchase a belt with a smooth surface.
  • A belt and suspenders are two mutually exclusive accessories.
  • If your choice fell on a product made of woven texture, then such an accessory is perfect for casual style. A business suit is lost against the background of such a belt.
  • If your image corresponds to a strict dress code, it is better to harmonize with the tone of the shoes.
  • For men of short stature, it is better to choose a belt to match the color of the trousers, avoiding pronounced horizontal lines.

A leather men’s belt is an indispensable accessory in every man’s wardrobe, because it is the trend of 2022!

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