Meet sensible advice for young housewives, beginner confectioners and cooks. Browned and crispy like your future baking and roasting on this essential kitchen accessory. Why important? Because the silicone mat is a must-have in the “kitchen products” section.

It seems that choosing one is not easier than a blender or a washing machine. You can choose not to choose at all and use parchment paper rather than a non-stick baking mat… But a silicone mat is a kind of reusable parchment. It can be washed, folded, used over and over again, and for different purposes. Nothing sticks to it. Parchment with super strength, no less. But how to choose one, the one?

Pink baking mat from a famous brand from the Netherlands. It stretches easily and can tear, so you need to be careful. Drawn circles for cupcakes have convex elements that leave marks on the dough, collect crumbs and pieces of cookies. You can roll something out and put it in the freezer on it, but you can’t bake it, it will gather like an accordion from the high temperature.

There are professional options that can withstand high temperatures, do not have a relief, but also cost an order of magnitude more expensive than usual ones. Do I need to order an analogue in Aliexpress? No need. It will be rubber of a different quality, perhaps with a smell, but without resistance to temperature changes. Therefore, it is better to take a good one once, and not to collect goods for the home and kitchen of dubious quality.

If you do not want to choose a professional silicone baking mat, then instead of the usual pink, it is better to take a siliconized one. It is also foldable, washable, has a flat surface and can withstand heat, but is very thin.

A real baking mat is non-stick. And affordable, and convenient to cook every day. Complete your set of silicone kitchen utensils with our mat to prepare culinary delights easily and pleasantly.

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