A person spends a third of his life in bed, and another third thinks how to finally get into it. Therefore, the choice of bed linen is the most important task! Design and colors are a matter of taste, so we focus on quality. To come out victorious in an unequal battle with a wide range, you need to consider several key points.


Buy underwear from familiar brands that have long established themselves in the market. An experienced manufacturer will be able to guarantee the quality and safety of their products, provide a minimum markup on the goods, and also offer an exchange or refund if you do not like the kit or you find a defect.


The whole variety of fabrics can be divided into two groups: natural, made from raw materials of plant or animal origin, and artificial. Each of them has its pros and cons, so the choice will depend on your goals.

Natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk) do not cause allergies, do not accumulate dust and static electricity, pass air well and retain heat. At the same time, they are subject to shrinkage, wrinkle, and rather whimsical to care for. Bed linen made from natural fabrics is suitable for daily use by both adults and children, it is nice to receive it as a gift.

Sets made of artificial fibers (polysatin, microfiber, polyester) are more durable and wear-resistant. They do not shed, do not wrinkle, dry quickly, prevent the occurrence of dust mites and are much cheaper than natural ones. Such underwear is ideal for occasional use in a country house or in the country.


Any self-respecting company appreciates and collects a lot of feedback about its product, but not all of them are positive. Therefore, before buying, ALWAYS read reviews, and after a personal acquaintance with the product, leave your own.


— Good material is dense material. This property is achieved due to the number of threads, their thickness and the type of weave in the fabric. Carefully study the kit: there should be no gaps or sparse fibers on the fabric.
— Pay attention to softness. Someone loves the coolness of silk, someone loves the coziness of terry, but without exception, everyone chooses soft fabrics that are pleasant to the touch.
— Trust your sense of smell. Bed linen should not smell like chemicals or mold.
— A high-quality bedding set does not tear, does not paint, does not spool, does not shrink. It is desirable that the everyday set does not require special detergents, long and tedious ironing, and is not capricious and wrinkled at the mere glance. No hostess will appreciate the Cinderella mode instead of the Sleeping Beauty mode.

Choosing bed linen, you choose the mood of tomorrow. So let this day always start with a smile!

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