Fashion never ceases to surprise its loyal fans: it would seem, how much can you? But this season, almost everything is possible. It is not only allowed to be faded and overly modest, it is allowed to flaunt your own individuality! Fashionable pendants and pendants in 2022 are surprisingly diverse. Today, there are practically no unfashionable jewelry: if a pendant or pendant fits into the current bow, then they simply squeak from their own trendiness. So the devil is in the compatibility!

What pendants are in fashion now?

Do not rush and spend huge money on fashionable pendants around your neck — now you can be in trend without dizzying costs. If you want to look dazzling, it is not necessary to decorate yourself with gold and silver. The best friends of girls now are by no means diamonds, but good taste, a sense of style and emancipation!

Trendy silver pendants

Everything that is embodied in gold can also be made in silver. And even more! Silver is a less expensive and pretentious metal. This means that you can afford more massive, but not pretentious jewelry (remember, this is important) without fear of emptying your own wallet to the bottom or being branded as an icon of bad taste.

Ah, those birds!

This summer there will be a super-relevant animal theme. This means that all kinds of inhabitants of the sky are welcome in the design of the pendants.


The mainstream of this season are the chains in all manifestations. To create everyday urban outfits, large catchy pendants on ultra-long chains that are worn over clothes are widely used.

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