Today it is difficult to imagine a girl or a woman who does not wear earrings — and why not wear them? We have long gone from the Middle Ages and live in a world where everyone can afford jewelry without exception. Moreover, even modern men are not indifferent to earrings. Although fifty years ago (in the days of the USSR) they would have been happy to throw stones at them. Well, let’s go back to today and find out what types of earrings are in fashion in 2022?

General recommendations for each season in 2022: Huge jewelry is in fashion, which attract attention with modern design. When choosing accessories, follow the rule that is relevant for this year: the selected jewelry should be in harmony with the color scheme of the clothes or stand out brightly, drawing maximum attention to yourself.

In the winter season: designers recommend paying attention to semi-precious stones — turquoise, artificial pearls, amber, malachite and apatite. Why did they pay attention? The answer is quite simple: it’s all about accessibility — these are jewelry that a woman of almost any income can afford.

For spring: buy long earrings with chains. They look chic on ladies with a long swan neck. It is best to wear such an ornament under a high hairstyle or a ponytail picked up so that the emphasis falls on the earrings. As for the style of clothing, a suit or casual bow is in fashion.

For summer: it is worth buying earrings with large colored or plain stones. They are great to emphasize your style and will be a great addition to the dress.

Autumn: you should pay attention to earrings with pearls. Despite the fact that women have cooled down to pearl jewelry recently, the fashion for them is returning again.

By the way, good jewelry can sometimes cost even more than jewelry.

Of the novelties — voluminous, elongated earrings in the form of geometric shapes. Designers recommend such jewelry, as they look great with different fashionable looks. Modern young people do not like to bother about jewelry, because they do not understand why wear them, if you can easily afford no less beautiful, but cheaper jewelry. And in a way they are right.

The last recommended piece of jewelry is fun earrings that bring a touch of informality to your style.

Earrings of your choice.

On every day. Stud earrings or drop earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Yes, of course you

no doubt you want to look *stunning* every day, but wearing bulky jewelry every day is difficult, even for the reason that sometimes the weather is bad, the wind is strong, and the jewelry can simply get tangled in your hair or your ears will simply get tired of heavy jewelry. in this case, small earrings save the situation.

Strict dress code at work? In this case, small earrings such as studs or droplets will again help you out: they will add femininity to the image without compromising your solidity.

For a ceremony, of course, it is worth buying precious earrings or a beautiful replacement for jewelry. This is exactly the case when the choice of accessories indicates your solidity and the prosperity of your man.

“Fashion dictators get it wrong sometimes, but there are millions of women willing to pay for it.” (Barbara Streisand)

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