Choosing a rope for rhythmic gymnastics


A gymnastic rope is a sports equipment in the form of a cord without handles. Instead of handles, the ends of the cord are tied into a knot or burned. Outwardly, a gymnastic rope resembles a rope or a tourniquet. They are colored and plain.
Such high-speed jump ropes are used in rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, acrobatics, aerobics, during fitness, crossfit and other workouts.

Rubber ropes with handles are categorically not suitable for gymnastic training. For rhythmic gymnastics, a rope projectile is selected, which is cut off according to the athlete’s height.
When choosing a gymnastic rope, you must consider:
— severity;
— rigidity;
— the length and thickness of the rope.
Skipping ropes are ordinary, light and weighted. The range of our brand includes both a light rope weighing 140 g (48971003) and a weighted rope weighing 180 g (article 48971062)
For hardness:
Cotton ropes for rhythmic gymnastics are suitable for beginner athletes, as well as for lovers of soft ropes.
Nylon jump ropes are the heaviest and densest. They keep their shape better in flight and follow the trajectory of the throw.
The thickness of gymnastic jump ropes in professional sports is 8 mm or 10 mm.
Our assortment includes jump ropes with an optimal thickness of 10 mm, lengths of 2.5 m and 3 m. The first ones (article 48971003) are suitable for gymnasts aged 10 years. Often, such shells are ideal for girls in height, so they simply tie their ends into knots. The length of most of the ropes is 3 m (article 48971062). They are used for gymnasts of different ages and categories, adjusting for height.

Rope care

Nylon ropes for rhythmic gymnastics have a special weave that shrinks when it comes into contact with a source of moisture.

Be sure to follow the following care instructions:
Do not wash sports equipment;
get rid of sweat on the rope immediately after training;
Do not store the rope in a place with high humidity;
Do not put the projectile in the dryer;
Wipe a gymnastic rope soaked from water or sweat with a piece of dry cloth.
After wiping wet spots on the rope, dry it in the shade. Store the calisthenics equipment in a dry place.
And of course, the quality of the sports equipment plays a huge role. You can’t skimp on this! Jump ropes of the brand Grand Prix Siberia are made in Russia, from polyamide fibers — nylon. The tourniquet is even, elastic, without puffs and creases, the ends are melted. The rope is dense and soft, does not injure the legs.

Try them in action — and you will understand what high-quality sports equipment means! Beautiful colors with lurex will complement the image of a gymnast.

Bright light multi-colored jump rope with lurex 2.5 m long

Lemon weighted rope 3 m long with lurex


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