Binoculars transformer

The binoculars are designed specifically for children — lightweight, durable, made of safe materials and very comfortable to hold in small hands. Inside there are professional lenses that allow you to zoom in on the observed image at a distance of up to 1000 m, optical elements are the best in their class.

The main feature of the transformer binoculars is that it can be used by two people. You can share your observations with friends and siblings. The kid will learn not only to share, but also to be friends. The child will feel like a real traveler, super spy or explorer, show his imagination and train his eyesight.

The outer silicone finish will protect the binoculars from slipping and damage to the body and lenses. A big plus is that the front lens of the binoculars is recessed (will prevent unwanted scratches on the optics) and there is a neck strap (will protect the binoculars from falling and allow you to comfortably carry it with you).

How to assemble binoculars?

Binoculars transformer consists of two monoculars (each of which can be used as a telescope) and a clamp. To assemble the binoculars, it is necessary to align the grooves on the monoculars and the latch (the sides are marked with the letters L and R).

How to use binoculars?

  1. Set a comfortable interpupillary distance. To do this, you need to adjust the distance between the eyepieces so that the picture is aligned and does not double. This can be done by looking through binoculars at some object and moving the eyepieces towards each other (from each other).

  2. To give the image clarity, you must use the focusing ring on each spotting scope. To do this, look through the binoculars first with your left eye, and correct the image on the left eyepiece using the focusing ring. Twist the ring until the picture is as clear as possible. Repeat this procedure for the right side. Please note that focusing must be carried out on each spotting scope separately — this will allow you to perfectly adjust the binoculars.

  3. Look through the binoculars with both eyes — the picture will be perfectly clear and detailed! You are well done!

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