An urgent issue for parents is the choice of shoes in accordance with the weather so that the child does not freeze or, on the contrary, does not sweat.

The determining factor is the material of the insole and lining. Let’s figure out which one is needed for which temperature regime.

Leather lining — great for warm temperatures. And with warm socks — to zero and a small minus.

A baize is a warm fabric with a pile. Suitable for a small plus, zero and frost up to -5C. The bike is good for the demi-season, but many people use it in the winter, especially when they travel by car. The IRIDIS brand has an excellent selection of bike boots for both boys and girls.

Wool — is a natural fur with an admixture of polyester on a fabric basis. Suitable from 0 to -15C. This option is convenient because it warms well, but at the same time, it is well ventilated. In such shoes, the legs sweat less, unlike completely faux fur. In addition, the admixture of synthetic fiber makes the lining resistant to abrasion. In the winter collection of IRIDIS boots there are models on wool. The brand uses material with a high content of natural fur (about 70%).

Natural fur is the warmest of all linings. Great for temperatures from -10C to -35C. For long winter walks, this lining option is definitely needed. Choose your favorite model from the IRIDIS range.

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