Women’s shirts are universal elements when combining images.

For example, a white shirt worn over a turtleneck is cool with trousers and heels in a business bow, while a warm checkered shirt will be a great addition to a street style look with jeans, sneakers and a hoodie.

Current trends for women’s shirts will be:

  • ruffles;
  • frill;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • voluminous shoulders;
  • puffy sleeves;
  • free cut;
  • original collars.

The most practical solution would be a white cotton shirt. Give preference

shading to free-cut models and not short, but slightly elongated styles. A fashionable white shirt is in perfect harmony with almost all elements of a woman’s wardrobe, refreshing and ennobling a woman’s silhouette. White versions can perfectly complete bows in different styles, the best of which are collected for you in the selection below.

The best ideas for images with a white shirt:

  1. A formal look with a suit and white shirttucked in, or not tucked in, worn under a top.

  • High-waisted wide trousers with pintucks or pleats in combination with a white shirttucked inside, completed with a frame peplum belt.

  • Sets with jeans and tops, shorts and topsdresses or skirts, completed with a white shirt, tied in a knot or tied with a belt.

  • Stylish options for casual bows will be loose trousers or jeans combined with shirtsworn over a lace or silk top. At the same time, the shirt should be unbuttoned and slightly lowered, revealing one shoulder.

  • Shirt tucked in on one side + skirt or shorts. It is a short skirt and shorts a la cycling shorts that open the knees. A combination in which a good balance of volumes: the fit at the bottom is compensated by the voluminous cut at the top. From shoes to this set, you can choose sandals with thin straps or more sporty models.

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