Spring and summer are the time when everyone thinks about sunscreen and thinks about which one to buy is better and with what level of protection. SPF is a sun protection factor, or a kind of protective barrier that can prolong the time spent in the sun, during which you will not be able to burn . SPF — there are different, and the numbers next to it indicate how many times sunbathing is prolonged if cosmetic tricks are used. Now you need to figure out which SPF you should choose a cream with. The choice of sunscreen depends on the place where you plan to spend time and on your skin phototype. If there is a working city day ahead, then the SPF may not exceed 8-15, but if a trip to the beach is in the future, then the SPF naturally increases.

Skin phototypes are divided into 4 main groups:

  • These are people with very fair skin, with freckles, their hair is white or with a red tint, blue or gray eyes. For owners of this phototype, SPF is recommended at least 40 or even 50.
  • These are blondes or people with light brown hair and fair skin, their eyes are blue, gray or brown. The SPF factor varies from 20 to 35.
  • These are brown-haired or owners of dark blond hair, the skin is relatively light, and the eyes are brown or gray. This phototype is the most common and SPF is in the range of 8-20.
  • Representatives of this type are pronounced brunettes with dark skin and brown eyes. The owners of this phototype are not very afraid of the sun and SPF for them is enough to choose 8-10.
  • Delicate baby skin burns very quickly. Therefore, for kids, they produce products with a sun protection index of 50 and 50+.

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