How to use diaper cream correctly


Disposable diapers are often blamed for the appearance of diaper rash in a child. But such problems do not appear at all because of them — the wrong care is to blame. So, baby powders and diaper creams can reduce absorption. Because of this, skin problems arise.

baby in diaper

How to use diaper cream correctly? It is not enough to buy a really high-quality diaper cream, you still need to be able to use it, otherwise there will be no expected effect.

There is nothing super complicated — you just need to follow the following instructions:

1. Before applying the cream, you need to wash the baby and dry the skin thoroughly with a towel or soft cloth. Apply diaper cream immediately after the hygiene procedure is not necessary — let the skin stay in the air for a while, at the same time it will dry completely.

2. Apply cream under the diaper, paying particular attention to all the folds. The layer of cream should not be thick and roll into lumps.

3. Wait 2-3 minutes until the cream is absorbed and only then can you put on a diaper.

Many parents prefer ordinary baby powder — this product really protects the baby’s skin from diaper rash and irritation. Some for the treatment of the skin of the baby acquire a simple baby creambut it’s only good for use outside of diapers. There are also mothers who use baby oil. All these products will help soften the skin of the child, make it smoother and quickly get rid of diaper rash or irritation.

diaper cream used when baby’s skin is dry. It moisturizes, nourishes, soothes the delicate skin. It also prevents the appearance of prickly heat and diaper dermatitis. The cream layer is a barrier that helps retain moisture and prevents unwanted substances from being absorbed into the skin. That is, it performs a protective function.

A diaper cream is an important product that a mother should have in her arsenal.


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