Such an exciting and responsible period in the life of every woman — motherhood — is always accompanied by hormonal changes in the whole organism and has a significant impact on the breasts. The most significant changes in the size and shape of the breast occur during pregnancy, and not with the start of feeding. From the first months of pregnancy, this part of the body undergoes rapid changes: it increases in size, sensitivity increases, milk can flow. Therefore, in no case should you postpone the purchase of a bra until the start of feeding, hoping to get by with old underwear during pregnancy. It is necessary to think in time about the selection of a bra for pregnant and lactating women. Only a properly selected bra can alleviate the condition and make feeding as comfortable as possible. And for this, the Pregma nursing bra is perfect.

What is special about a nursing bra?

When you start breastfeeding your baby, you can’t do without a special nursing bra. Nursing bras differ from conventional ones in enhanced breast support. This is ensured by a wider elastic base and wide straps that will not cut into the skin or rub, as well as teardrop-shaped cups. The material of a nursing bra needs to be stretchy so that it can easily stretch when the milk rushes in. And most importantly, the cups should have special fasteners that allow you to quickly get the breast for feeding. The fasteners should be unfastened easily, with one hand, so as not to disturb the baby.

What are the benefits of a postpartum bra?

The postpartum bra does not need to be removed to feed the baby. Thanks to the special design, mother and child enjoy skin-to-skin contact without discomfort. The Pregma nursing bra performs all the functions to take care of the health of a new mother:

· reduces the load on the spine;

Provides breast support, reducing the risk of breast sagging and stretch marks.

Protects sensitive nipples from irritation;

Provides a stable flow of milk

Prevents stagnation of milk, carrying out the prevention of mastitis.

What material should a nursing bra be made of?

Natural cotton products should be chosen, as this material is hygienic and safe for mother and child. Nursing bras made of pure cotton are very comfortable, but, unfortunately, after several washings they practically lose their shape. Cotton is breathable and perfectly removes moisture, but to give the material elasticity, synthetic threads are added to the fabric: spandex, elastane or lycra. The material used should be soft, because the skin of the breasts of expectant mothers is very delicate and sensitive. The best option is cotton with a small addition of spandex. Pregma nursing bras are 95% organic cotton with 5% spandex and are available in 4 different colors: beige, black, white and pink.

We hope you are now convinced that the Pregma nursing bra will be an excellent choice for nursing mothers. With it, you will prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the chest and mastitis, as well as reduce the load on the spine due to reliable chest support. The soft inner side of the cup without seams along the line of the nipples will provide you with pleasant comfort, and thanks to convenient and simple fasteners, you can manage them with one hand and without looking. A nursing bra will become your constant companion for the coming months, so you need to choose it very carefully and carefully. The Pregma nursing bra is perfect for this role, with it breastfeeding will bring only pleasure and last as long as you see fit.

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