Choose shoes «size to size»

Most people know that shoes should not be small. But not everyone has heard that wearing larger shoes increases the stress on the joints, and the foot hits the floor too hard.

Choose the right size

The fullness of the shoe is the volume of the foot at its widest part. The most common are F, G and H, F — for fairly thin legs, F1 / 2, G — for medium, from G1 / 2, H and more — for full legs.

At Ara you will find many models for both thin legs and increased fullness.

Upper and lining materials play an important role in foot comfort.

Genuine leather has the ability to «adjust» to the foot during wear, and also creates a comfortable microclimate. And if the textile is made of high-tech materials, then it perfectly absorbs excess moisture and will have breathability.

When buying shoes with high heels, especially the lack of a feeling of tension in the forefoot

If you feel like the weight has shifted from the heel to the front, try a different model.

And, of course, visually, shoes should evoke positive emotions in you!

Such that you feel 100% in your favorite boots!

Whatever shoes you choose, remember: they must certainly be comfortable — do not press, do not press, do not hang out on your leg!

Together with Ara you can find the perfect shoes!

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