How to choose the perfect night light? 4 steps


Night terrors often haunt not only children but also adults. Around the room, bizarre reflections from the lanterns, unclear outlines of shadows frighten and make you give up a restful sleep. If this happens, then a bedside lamp will be a good solution, which will dispel fear. Its soft lulling light will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. An additional advantage will be the unique design and functions. It inspires fantasy and gradually lulls. Let’s figure out how to find the perfect Led lamp.

1. Who is the lamp for?

Nightlights are bought not only for children, but also for adults. Obviously, a completely childish product may not appeal to a person of age. And vice versa, it is doubtful that a classic floor lamp will be appreciated and loved by a kid.

Some products are divided by gender based on color or appearance. It is important to consider whether a boy or a girl is given.

Given the diversity, you can choose a night light for design, print, brightness and more. Lighting devices are made in the form of animals, planets, anti-stress toys, with a drawing board — everything that the creators could come up with.

2. Installation method

It is important to think about how you need to mount the lighting fixture. They can be bedside and be located on the nightstand, shelf, window sill, chest of drawers, closet. Some are mounted on top of the table or on crossbars and are called suspended. Small structures are placed near the place of sleep — floor lamps. wall mounted in the wall, often near the bed. In addition to the described, the most complex type of fastening are ceiling. They require additional wiring in the walls, so certain installation skills are needed.

The method of fastening largely depends on the knowledge and place in the room. All this is individual and should be thought out based on the situation.

3. Required features

With the current diversity, it is important to decide what tasks the night light should perform. Popular features include:

  • sound — an alarm clock, lulling melodies, noises of nature, fairy tales can be built into them;
  • lighting — need brighter, dim light, or both. Bright light is suitable for reading books or drawing. Soft light is comfortable for sleeping, visiting a child in the dark or walking around the apartment at night;
  • color change — coloring switches between several colors;
  • remote control — remote control of the light at a distance;
  • projector — shows the starry sky in the bedroom;
  • night light-toy — will become an indispensable friend for the child day and night.

4. Power type

This aspect is easy to choose. Only three options: from batteries, directly from the network or from the built-in battery. When running on batteries, they most often use «finger» or «little finger» batteries. The operating time largely depends on the quality of the batteries themselves. Among other disadvantages is the danger that the child will open the lid and play around.

Nightlights are connected to the socket through cables. Often, with good wiring, a fire or other problems do not happen. If necessary, parents turn off the device and go about their business.

With a built-in battery, the device works like a phone: it is charged from the network, and then it is active for a while. They also work directly from the network. This is convenient because there are no interfering wires at night in which you can get confused. Safe for children: charge a night light during the day, and at night the baby enjoys it. No need to be afraid for the quality of sockets — everything is under your strict control.

Night light advice

The degree of illumination is the main thing in the electrical appliance in question. Checking the required power is easy. In the dark, turn on the device and lie down, if the light breaks through the eyelids, this will create discomfort. Bedside lamps are most often taken in a dim format, because. close to the sleeper.

Night light Panda from Bereginyasha

The lamp will become a friend for a child or an adult. His cute eyes and unique design will not leave you indifferent. Among the advantages:

  • safe — made of odorless hypoallergenic silicone;
  • I want to pick it up — the Panda lamp is made of silky silicone;
  • unpretentious — it is cleaned with a damp cloth, and is located anywhere;
  • easy to take with you — its small size of 12 by 12 cm and the ability to crumple makes transportation easy;
  • built-in battery — charge during the day, and shines at night;
  • design — looks like a cute black and white bear;
  • a variety of functions — dim and white light, as well as 7 backlight options;
  • a great gift — boys and girls, as well as adults will like it;
  • toy night light — a child can not part with a toy all day long: it does not burn at night, and during the day you can knead and play.

Order a lamp from Beregini and protect your sleep.


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