Many parents are faced with the problem of how best and easier to teach the baby to distinguish colors and shapes of objects, as well as introduce him to numbers and counting. The opinions of researchers and their recommendations on this issue differ greatly, and sometimes they only complicate things. An unusual solution to all problems can be a puzzle locomotive! What it is? This is a puzzle that consists of separate wagons, each of which is dedicated to one color, shape or number. Gradually gathering all the wagons together, the baby tactilely and visually gets acquainted with new information and remembers it better.

Learning takes place in a playful way, it is very important at the moment to pronounce the names of what the child sees, ask him questions, ask him to repeat in order to better consolidate new material. A set of 2 locomotive puzzles with cute animals in Fisher Price and Toddler designs is sure to please all children, and parents will appreciate the convenience of such a toy and the quality of the materials used. All wagon parts are made of thick cardboard and have through holes in the center, into which you need to insert parts that match in color, shape or value.

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