Usually we understand that we have become adults when we feel in the cold without a hat, not cool, but stupid. But children, and especially teenagers, unfortunately, are ready to endure any inconvenience for the sake of the approval of their peers.

So let’s take a closer look at why wearing a hat is so important.

Keep your head warm: 5 reasons to wear a hat

one. Ears are the weakest link

If the head is at least a little protected by hair, then our poor ears are left alone with the frost. Moreover, not only wind and cold are dangerous here, but also sudden changes in temperature. For example, to earn otitis media, it may be enough to go into a warm room after a frost. And if you remember that everything in our body is interconnected, it becomes clear that frostbitten ears can also be the cause of sore throats.

2. Keep your hair young

A funny paradox: teenagers, and often adults, refuse to wear a hat so as not to ruin their hair, but in the end they achieve exactly the opposite effect. Due to the cold, the pores narrow, the blood supply, and with it the nutrition of the hair, worsens. As a result, we get dull brittle weak and lifeless hair.

3. We don’t lose face

It would seem that our face is accustomed to everything and endures any temperature. However, it is not. It is the hat that can save us from pinching the facial nerve and severe headaches.

four. We do not expect mercy from nature

In autumn and spring, the weather can be very changeable and dangerous: the wind becomes piercing, and the sun does not heat at full strength. And this is the case when it is better to overdo it a little: even if it seems that it is warm outside, it is better to put on a hat for the child, and then take it off if necessary.

5. We strengthen immunity

Any hypothermia weakens the immune system, and, as a result, we become more sensitive to viruses and various bacteria.

Superheroes wear not only capes, but also hats: how to teach a child to wear a hat

Must love the hat

As a rule, children do not like to wear hats for only one reason: they think that it is boring and does not suit us. Therefore, firstly, you need to buy a hat together, and secondly, look for something original and unusual. Fleece hats from Koftenyshi have long been loved by children and adults for their big funny ears. It remains only to decide who the child likes to be more: a fox, a bat, a unicorn, a bulldog or a panda?

The child must be confident

If a child feels calm and confident, it would never occur to him to sacrifice his comfort for the sake of fashion.

Looking for role models

If your child thinks they don’t look cool enough in a hat, you can look for pictures of their favorite actors or musicians wearing hats.

Finding the perfect hat: what to look for

And we are neither cold nor hot

Overheating your head can be just as dangerous as overcooling it. Therefore, in autumn and spring, it is best to give preference to light hats made of breathable materials. Hats from Jackets are made of fleece: they perfectly pass air, absorb moisture and are perfect for early autumn. But for the winter it is worth picking up something warmer: from wool or with an additional lining.

Ears are warm

The hat must be pulled over the ears. For this, it is most convenient to buy a cap with a collar: this way you yourself can regulate how much it should cover your neck and ears.

original design

A hat should decorate and we like it so much that even in cloudy weather we are warm and cheerful.

You can order eared hats from Koftenyshi on the brand page.

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