If you have already bought the HL Aroma Therapy Diffuser and you like it and use it regularly, it is important that it works for a long time and with maximum benefit. If mistreated, the device will accumulate essential oil residues and water sediments, which may affect its performance.

Xiaomi aroma diffusers are reliable and easy to use, but if you notice one of the following:

— fog spreads poorly (no fog or reduced power).
— the device makes strange sounds (suddenly become louder).
— the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
— mixing the aroma of an essential oil with another smell.

— this means that it’s time to clean your device. It is also recommended to clean the device when the liquid has been left for a long time (more than 2 days), since bacteria and even mold can accumulate in the tank (in the case when water has been in the tank for more than a week).

So, how to properly clean the aroma diffuser:

After each use

The oils used in your device can be very corrosive and you really need to clean them after each use for best device durability and performance. Also, odors and residue from one oil can seriously affect how you feel when you add another fragrance or oil to your diffuser. Therefore, after each use, please empty the aroma diffuser completely of water and oils, or at least wipe it quickly with a damp cloth.

These simple rules will help you use the aroma diffuser correctly and keep it in working condition for a long time.

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