In order for shoes to retain a presentable appearance for a long time, it is necessary to provide proper high-quality care. Shoe cream will help to carry out such care. Poor-quality creams can damage the skin, after which the shoes will have to be returned for restoration or thrown away.

To avoid this risk, we will tell you how to choose the right shoe polish.

  • skin type

For each type of shoe, you need to choose your own cream. Experts do not recommend using a product for one material if it is intended for another. Be sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle for what type of shoes the cream is intended for. An unsuitable cream can lead to a deterioration not only in the appearance (for example, if a cream for smooth leather is used on suede shoes), but also in the properties of shoes (if a cream for ordinary shoes is applied to shoes with pores).

  • Compound

Avoid products that contain silicone. Over time, shoes can crack because the layer of silicone prevents the skin from getting the nutrition it needs. In addition, cream with silicone will not allow you to get a noble and spectacular shine on your shoes. That is why it is not recommended to use sponges impregnated with silicone for everyday care. Their regular use will lead to a decrease or complete elimination of the breathability of shoes, and in the long term — also to premature failure.

  • Hue

The easiest way is to choose a cream for black and dark brown skin, but with other shades there are difficulties. You can go the easy way and buy a colorless cream, but if there are damages that need to be painted over, then this option will not work. You should also be careful about the names of shades, because it’s not at all a fact that your ideas, for example, about the color of graphite or the ocean correspond to the manufacturer’s ideas. Ideally, you need to go to a store with shoes that require cream, and pick up the shade “live” there.

Consider the main types of shoe care products.

  • Cream

Allocate a cream based on organic and emulsion solvents. Which type is better to choose depends on the season. Thick and greasy creams based on organic solvents create a waterproof film and protect products from the negative effects of moisture, wet snow and frost. Therefore, such funds are used for the cold season and rainy weather.

Cream based on emulsion solvent — suitable for summer, because. the water that is part of the cream crystallizes, thereby spoiling the shoes. Emulsion creams are more commonly found in tubes. they are liquid, and organic creams are thicker, so they are sold in jars.

Apply a thin layer of cream evenly on the previously cleaned surface. Let dry (at least 10 minutes), then polish.

  • Wax

Shoe wax is a protective agent that is applied to the surface of the leather to protect it from moisture and cracking. Wax, unlike cream, helps to give shoes that same noble gloss that makes shoes look more attractive and well-groomed. Wax is not suitable for shoes made of nubuck, velor, suede and textiles.

Remove dust from shoes with a foam cleaner. Then dry the shoes and apply a small amount of wax with a special natural bristle brush or sponge.Buff the shoes with a polishing cloth, moving from side to side.

After this procedure, it is better to postpone the shoes for a day or, in extreme cases, for the night, for better impregnation of the skin with wax.

  • Spray, impregnation

The main advantage of aerosols is ease of use, their application does not require additional steps, such as polishing or removing excess product.

There are impregnation sprays with a water-repellent effect that create a special film on the shoes that does not allow moisture to penetrate into the fabric, or in the form of paint to restore the original color of the product. Aerosols are suitable for different types of shoes.

Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the skin, shake the can and spray generously onto the surface of the product. Let the product dry for at least 30 minutes.

After drying, it is recommended to treat the surface of the shoe with a special brush or sponge to make it velvety.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right care product, and then your shoes will serve you for more than one season!

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