A wallet is an important component of the wardrobe, without which it is difficult to imagine a woman. Modern wallets for women amaze with a variety of designs, shapes and colors. What wallet to choose and what to pay attention to first of all?

  • Material

Obviously, a wallet made of genuine leather will last much longer than a wallet made of artificial material. However, leatherette is cheaper than genuine leather by an order of magnitude, therefore, you should first decide on priorities. Quality or price?

To determine whether a wallet is made of real or artificial leather, you must first feel it. Natural material leaves a feeling of softness and warmth, artificial — stiffness and cold

If the skin of the wallet is not patent, then you can wet the edge of the product. Genuine leather quickly absorbs moisture, leatherette does not.

  • Accessories and clasps

The convenience and comfort of operation depend on the quality factor of locks, fasteners. It is better to choose products with metal rather than plastic fittings. It not only looks more expensive and presentable, but also lasts much longer.

Open and close the wallet several times. The zipper should open and close without difficulty, and also have a neat firmware.

In addition to traditional clasps, there are clasps in the form of buttons or magnets. The latter are not recommended to be taken for models of everyday use, since over time the adhesion force of magnetic mechanisms decreases and spontaneous opening of the wallet is observed.

  • Lining

The lining is the most important detail, the quality of which determines the durability. It is important that the inner side is strong and made of good fabric, with even stitching, without gaps, there are no protruding threads, bends or folds anywhere.

Feel free to rub the lining with your hand, rumple and pull to make sure the seams are tight. Good textiles will not glow and shine through the base. It is desirable that in the department for small things there is a fabric of non-staining shades, otherwise the original color will quickly lose its attractiveness.

  • Small change compartment

This compartment must be made of durable material and sewn well. Usually it is not made too roomy, but sufficient to store a couple of dozen coins.

The fastener (zipper or button) should hold the change well inside the compartment and at the same time be easy to open and close. Put a handful of coins and turn the wallet over — check if the money has fallen out.

  • Card slot

Now almost every person has a lot of various plastic cards available. For their storage and convenient use, the wallet should be equipped with special compartments.

Before buying, test each compartment — the card should enter it easily and not fall out, and you should not feel uncomfortable while doing so.

If there are not enough plastic cards in your wallet, then you do not need to choose models that have two dozen such compartments.

  • Color

When choosing a wallet color, there are no special rules and prohibitions; it may not be combined with a bag or clothes at all. However, if you want to attract money, stick to Feng Shui.

Under no circumstances should preference be given blue and blue. This color scheme symbolizes the abyss, impermanence, and will contribute to constant spending.

Wallet black color will become your main assistant in getting rid of financial difficulties. He is able not only to attract money, but also to increase the existing income.

Red color possesses the strongest energy, which is able to attract into your life not only money, but also good luck. In addition, a bright red wallet gives its owner confidence.

Shades of noble metals (silver and gold) in themselves are symbols of wealth, which is why with a wallet of one of these colors, you can get rid of material difficulties.

Green color wallet identifies calmness and energy for accumulation. You can strengthen the biofield of such a wallet with the help of a paper dollar.

yellow the purse will suit creative people and all those for whom money is not the ultimate goal. A yellow wallet helps save money and stop spenders from spending unnecessary money.

Our advice will help you choose a high-quality, comfortable, beautiful accessory, in which money will always be found!

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