5 tips for choosing outdoor summer shoes for indoor and outdoor use


The long-awaited summer has come — it’s time for rest and entertainment! You can play both at home and on the street, the main thing is that nothing distracts the child. Therefore, the choice of shoes, especially open shoes, must be approached very carefully. On the one hand, it should help the child’s foot grow properly, on the other hand, the shoes should protect. In addition, the child should be pleased to wear one or another pair, that is, the shoes should be beautiful and comfortable. Together with the brand of children’s shoes PABLOSKY, we continue the theme of choosing summer shoes, and in this article we will talk about open models.

Tip number 1. When planning to buy shoes for the summer, there is often a choice between a fully open and partially open option. For better protection against overheating, open shoes made from natural materials are suitable. If the child is mobile, active, then the best solution would be shoes with a closed toe and back, as they protect the fidget’s leg more reliably, but at the same time, the open parts of the foot on the sides provide the necessary air exchange. In addition, some models have additional openings in the front to maintain a comfortable temperature, as well as thought out additional reinforcement, which also provides increased wear resistance. Children who are just learning to walk can stumble, so a closed toe is recommended for them. A good option is Stepeasy from PABLOSKY — a line of shoes for the little ones.

Tip number 2. When choosing between sandals and sandals, you should remember their differences and common features. Both types of shoes are worn in the summer in hot weather, put on a bare foot. Most of the foot remains bare. If we are talking about children’s sandals, then these are shoes for girls and girls, represented by a wide variety of options. Sandals are a universal model worn by both girls and boys. These shoes, which have a flat and thin sole attached to the foot with straps or laces, are more functional than sandals, as they contribute to the payload on the foot and strengthen the muscular frame when children walk on a variety of surfaces, whether it be stones, sand or grass.

Tip number 3. Recently, a special series of summer shoes — BIO sandals — has become increasingly popular. They have an ultra-flexible sole and an anatomically shaped, absorbent insole that follows the shape of the foot, which gives maximum comfort during long wear. In PABLOSKY models, the sole is made of cork material, and additional comfort is provided by a deep inner part wrapping around the foot, as well as wide drawstring straps.

Tip #4 In summer, children move a lot, so shoes should be chosen so that the legs do not get tired. In addition to the right size and natural «breathable» materials, the sole is of great importance. In children’s shoes, the sole must be particularly flexible in order to guarantee the foot’s natural freedom of movement and rolling. In addition, the sole must provide reliable grip of the tread with various surfaces and good cushioning, thereby guaranteeing reliable protection of the musculoskeletal system while the child is moving.

Tip #5 Pay special attention to the fasteners — they should securely fix the shoes on the leg, and also help regulate the instep. So, for example, summer sandals from PABLOSKY have Velcro fasteners of a flexible configuration, so they fix the shoes exactly on the foot.


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