An umbrella is a fashion accessory, an addition to the image and simply an indispensable thing in a person’s everyday life. How to choose an umbrella model that will serve you for several years, not months?

  • spokes

The spokes are the most important part of an umbrella because they support the canopy and are responsible for strength and wind resistance. The more spokes, the more resistant the umbrella to wind gusts.

Regular umbrellas have 6 to 16 spokes. Ideally, an umbrella should have a minimum of 8 spokes, a combination of resistant metal or a combination of metal and durable resilient plastic or fiberglass. Such umbrellas are resistant to gusts of wind.

Pay attention also to the fastening of the spokes to the dome of the umbrella. There should be at least two such attachment points, but the more there are, the better the dome is fixed.

  • dome material

The dome of the umbrella is covered with an awning, which is made of waterproof material. The appearance and reliability of the umbrella depends on it. Information about the material is contained on a label on the inside of the dome.

Nylon is the cheapest material for an umbrella canopy. Wears out quickly, fades, sheds. Nylon does not repel, but absorbs moisture, becomes heavier in the rain. We do not recommend!

It is considered more reliable polyester. It is affordable, presentable, and waterproof. True, this material is also not very durable, it can tear at the points of fastening of the spokes, which leads to its leakage.

A reliable but expensive option is pongee.— Polyester with cotton. A distinctive feature is a special interlacing of threads that manifests itself in the light. It feels like thick cotton to the touch. The pongee dome does not wrinkle and dries in 5 minutes.

The elite among fabrics is the dome made of satin with water-repellent impregnation. This is a luxurious material, it looks like silk, does not tear and dries quickly. Its downside is its rather high price.

  • A pen

The handle is an equally important part of the umbrella. A small handle is very uncomfortable, it can cause tension, up to micro-tears in the joints. The hook handle evenly distributes the load across the palm.

The material from which the handle is made is also important. Plastic handles are light and comfortable, but fragile and can crack from impact. Scratches and abrasions quickly appear on the plastic.

Wooden handles look expensive and solid, varnished, but can slip in a wet hand. Dents appear easily on the tree.

Rubberized handles are the most comfortable and practical. They are pleasant to the touch, non-slip, resistant to damage.

  • Mechanism

Among the variety of umbrellas, umbrellas-canes and folding umbrellas are distinguished. In turn, folding umbrellas are divided into mechanical, automatic and semi-automatic umbrellas.

Cane umbrellas are the most durable and strong. Stylish appearance, simple design, off-scale reliability. There is simply nothing to break at the canes! However, bulky canes are the enemy of portability, as they often snag tights and are easily forgotten in cafes.

Mechanical fold and unfold manually. It is believed that they are the most reliable and rarely break, but can be inconvenient to use if your hands are busy.

A semi-automatic umbrella is more convenient: it opens automatically and closes manually. The automatic umbrella opens and closes at the touch of a button and is considered the most convenient mechanism. But, as a more complex device, it has a chance to break.

If reliability is important to you — take «mechanics» or a cane, if convenience — «full automatic», if all together — semi-automatic.

  • Number of additions

To make the umbrella more compact, it can be folded. According to the number or type of folding, the umbrellas are divided into several additions — from two to five.

The more folding of the umbrella, the smaller the accessory itself, but the more prone to breakage. The tri-fold umbrella is the most popular and comfortable type. On a compact folded state reaches about 30cm.

Follow our tips for choosing a reliable umbrella and you will never be afraid of even the heaviest downpour! Add us to

favorite brands and choose comfortable shoes!

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